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The employees of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. are the backbone of our high quality services. The team is grouped into specialist departments that work together to ensure your orders are carried out accurately, quickly and consistently.

  • Key Account Management and Finance and Personnel: Ensure the smooth coordination and processing of your orders
  • Agent Management: Finds and commissions the best translators, provides the best possible instruction and reviews their work.
  • Inhouse Translators and Inhouse Proofreaders: Facilitate the lightning-fast and accurate handling of express orders.
  • Copywriting Service: Produces accurate texts across all subject areas to satisfy both target groups and Google.
  • Corporate Language Technology: Utilises a sophisticated terminology service and SDL Trados translation software to ensure your messages reach the target group appropriately and consistently.
  • Interpreter Management: Selects the most suitably qualified interpreters for your conference, event or meeting, organises the interpreting equipment and ensures the smooth running of your events.
  • Marketing and Communication: Represents the company and markets our services; manages media enquiries and organises events.
  • Business Development: Address your requirements and tailor offers accordingly. We are the point of contact for business clients and partnerships.
  • Managing Director: With enthusiasm and foresight, Dr. Andreas Lucco ensures the most effective collaboration between the various teams, and between advisors and customers.

Andreas Lucco
Managing Director
Marketing and Corporate Management (Dr. rer. pol)

Quadrilingual, with a doctorate in marketing with a flair for subtle nuances

Dr Andreas Lucco, son of an Italian immigrant from the Friuli region, was born and raised in the Basel area. He studied economics at the University of Basel and obtained his doctorate in marketing under Prof Manfred Bruhn. Dr Lucco speaks four languages and holds dual Swiss-Italian citizenship. He spent six years as a corporate consultant for Deutsche Telekom Consulting (Detecon) in Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy and specialised in ICT Management, CRM and IT Security. His last position with the company was as head of the CRM Competence Team of Detecon Switzerland.

After his time spent in consulting, Dr Lucco turned one of his passions into his job for a short period and lectured in marketing at the ZHAW School of Management and Law in Winterthur. At the same time, he assisted TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. as a consultant. In October 2016, he assumed the role of Managing Director at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

In his free time, Dr Lucco continues to exercise his passion as a lecturer and speaker and accepts teaching assignments at the ZHAW, SAWI and the University of Basel. Dr Lucco is also a passionate musician and singer and is a member of “The Countdowns

Key Account Management

Céline André
Head of Key Account Management
Pharma, Healthcare, Industry
BA in Translation Studies


Languages connect cultures

In the summer of 2014, Céline André graduated with a bachelor's degree in Translation Studies from the ZHAW. She completed a specialisation module in Multimodal Communication with German, Italian and English as her principal languages. After graduation, Céline joined TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. in order to put her enthusiasm for languages and her organisational talents to work in the areas of translation and key account management. Thanks to her efficient, precise and customer-focused approach, she is an ideal addition to the team and processes your orders smoothly and skilfully.

Before she started her studies at the ZHAW, Céline gained professional experience in customer service and order processing in national and international companies, e.g. with Zürich Versicherung and Swiss Life, where she worked as a clerk in the areas of occupational pensions and medical underwriting. Both of these activities brought her into close contact with customers, which is a great advantage to her in her work at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. She increased her foreign language and intercultural skills during stays abroad in the USA and Italy as well.

With her passion for dancing and travelling, Céline also enjoys experiencing other cultures during her free time, which helps hone her sixth sense for cultural nuances. These leisure activities have also enabled her to acquire excellent Spanish skills.
The fact that merely switching around the position of individual letters can create a completely different language that connects people is what fascinates Céline about languages. Languages connect cultures and she wants to be part of this fascinating process.

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Julia Kasig
Leader Key Account Management
Marketing, Retail & Services
MA in Intercultural Communication and Business Economics

A flair for languages combined with intercultural expertise

As a key account manager at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., Julia Kasig enthusiastically coordinates your job orders and is always available and willing to help with your questions regarding translations and text services. Thanks to her know-how and intuition, she succeeds in ensuring that your source texts and all their nuances are correctly translated not only into the target language but also into the target culture.

Julia completed her master's degree in Intercultural Communication and Business Economics at Saarland University, and the francophone emphasis of her studies combined with two extended stays abroad in Paris and Strasbourg have made her very familiar with the French language and culture.

She has already been able to put her meticulousness and well-developed feel for languages and texts to excellent use as an editor and proofreader of German and French scientific publications at her university. During her studies, Julia also gained work experience at the ARTE German-French culture channel, where she was in charge of welcoming a wide variety of opinion makers, key political figures and media-related visitors to the broadcaster and communicated confidently with them in French, German and English. She also displayed outstanding organisational skills when planning and implementing PR events.

Julia loves picnics with wine, a baguette and cheese, long strolls through the city, and Paris at dusk.

Tel: +41 840 123 456 |

Laura Diana
Leader Key Account Management
Legal, Finance & Education
BA in Translation Studies

Addressing individual customer needs and implementing solutions

Laura always wanted to do something with languages. After a six-month language study trip to the Canadian cities of Toronto and Montreal, she began her bachelor degree in translation studies at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur in the autumn of 2012. Now she has graduated and is entering the translation sector as an enthusiastic key account manager at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. With the knowledge acquired during her studies, her affinity for languages, and the experience she has already gained as a customer advisor, Laura is an ideal addition to our Key Account Management team.

When she is not busy planning new travel adventures, Laura enjoys spending a lot of time out of doors and sampling culinary delicacies from all over the world. 

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Veronika Grubert
BA in Translation Studies

The expert contact partner for all your queries

Veronika Grubert completed her BA in Translation Studies degree at the Institute for Translation and Interpretation at Heidelberg University. Thanks to her time spent abroad in France and Great Britain, she was able to expand her foreign language and intercultural skills. Veronika Grubert has taken regular courses at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Veronika is an important supporter of the key account management at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. She is part of an eight-person team of expert and highly motivated individuals, who do everything they can each day to optimally handle the demands of our corporate customers and provide them with translations, text services and interpreting that are all backed by a quality guarantee.

Thanks to her balanced and down-to-earth approach, Veronika is the ideal contact partner for all of your projects and translations of employee magazines, websites, documentation and contracts.

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Lic. in Translation and Interpretation
DaF Examination Licence in Spanish

Spanish vivacity paired with Swiss precision

Che was born in Switzerland and moved to Spain at the age of seven, where she grew up completely bilingual. This enabled her to experience the true meaning of translation and communication from a very early age. Today she continues to enjoy building language bridges to achieve goals together. As a result, Che decided to study translation and interpreting at the University of Granada (UGR) in Spain and graduated in 2012.

Even before her studies, Che gained experience and made her breakthrough at the German football agency Sportlogistik Events. Following this, she completed her further education as a tutor at the Cervantes Institute for Spanish as a Foreign Language and soon after acquired her DaF examination licence. Che spent two years in Austria as a teacher at various grammar schools, where she introduced and taught Spanish to young people.

Since April 2016, Che has been putting her talents to work at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. She appreciates the excellent working climate and her team: “Each day is exciting and new – and we experience it together.

Sara Kimberley Beer
Student Applied Linguistics

Intercultural communication is all-important

“No matter whether it is spoken language or gestures, fictitious or real – languages make communication with human beings easy. In today’s time intercultural communication is indispensable and languages are thus an immensely valuable tool.

Giulia Cusin
MA in Professional Translation

Delivering top-quality, accurate translations

Giulia Cusin earned her translation degree (English, French and Italian) with top marks from the renowned Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori in Trieste, also known as the University of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators. During her studies, she was employed as an in-house translator for two translation agencies in Belgium and Italy.

Motivated by the desire to expand her knowledge beyond linguistic borders, she then completed a master's degree in legal translation and worked with UNIDROIT, an international organisation with headquarters in Rome.

While working as a freelance translator, Giulia started to learn German and finally ended up joining TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., where her translating and intercultural skills have been able to flourish even more.

With tireless enthusiasm and an eye for detail, she oversees the careful selection of specialist translators, proofreaders and copywriters while ensuring that our high standards of quality are always fulfilled. During her work, she never loses sight of the specialist area in question or the requirements of each individual customer.

When she is not working, Giulia enjoys long walks in nature and on horseback – a childhood hobby that has now become an indispensable part of her life.

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Aldana Caparelli
Master in Professional Translation (Law)



Argentinian language and organisational talent 

As part of the Key Account Management team, Aldana Capparelli focuses on selecting the best translators and proofreaders and also proofreads Spanish translations on the side. 

She values the contact with technical specialists and team members very highly because she is constantly acquiring new expertise thanks to their vast experience. 

After an exchange year spent in Wetzikon, ZH, Aldana studied at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and graduated as a legal certified translator (Spanish-English). Apart from the language-based courses, she found it particularly interesting to become acquainted with the sometimes extremely different legal systems around the world. 

In addition to her native Spanish, Aldana speaks fluent English and good German (she is a great fan of continuing education), and also has set herself the ambitious goal of being able to speak the Swiss-German dialect very soon. 

Those who know her say that she is an excellent and keen cook of both traditional Argentinian recipes such as mouth-watering meat dishes as well as international cuisine. Travelling is also one of Aldana’s passions, and she has wanted to “discover the world

Sanja Zdravkov
Student SAL

A focus on uniform corporate translations

The daughter of a Serbian mother and Bulgarian father, Sanja learned early on that when it comes to people from different countries of origin, bridges need to be built not only in terms of language, but also in view of cultural differences. Her fascination with translations began at an early age. After a couple of career detours into the retail, service and watch industries she decided to attend the translation studies course at the SAL School of Applied Linguistics in Zurich, focussing on German, English and Serbian as study languages.

She joined the TRANSLATION-PROBST team in early 2017, first learning the ropes of the CLT craft. Now she is a member of the Key Account Management team where she is responsible for a smooth execution from the first inquiry through to the final delivery of a translation. Utilising her corporate language technology skills she is additionally responsible for monitoring uniform corporate translations within the team.

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In-house proofreader

Christoph Rentsch
Licentiate degree in Theology (Religious Studies) & Organisational Communications
Acharya (PhD equivalent) in Sanskrit

The all-seeing eye 

Christoph Rentsch grew up in Switzerland, Austria, England and India and speaks three languages fluently (English, German and Hindi). After graduating with a licentiate degree in Theology (Comparative Religious Studies) and Communication from the University of Freiburg, he spent several years working for a large international firm in the communications sector. Since then he has been studying for a doctorate at the University of St. Gallen in the field of Organisational Communications (Translation Theory from a Sociological Perspective). He is also a part-time lecturer of Business English at several business schools and centres for continuing education. Christoph is particularly proud that he is able to speak the ancient Indian language Sanskrit (he has a traditional acharya degree, which is the equivalent of a PhD).  

At TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., he is responsible for proofreading German to English translations. Thanks to his business experience, he enriches the company with his ability to give even outstanding translations that final tweak. He is motivated by a desire to ensure every text is absolutely accurate.
In addition to doting on his young son, Christoph enjoys chess, philosophy (phenomenology) and poetry.

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In-house translators

Floriane Schaeffer
Diploma: Materials Science, major in Chemistry
Diploma: Business Management
EU Management & Business Logistics Fundamentals

Language proficiency and passion

With ten years of experience with an international group behind her, involving management roles in Marketing and Sales, Floriane Schaeffer has held challenging and formative positions, enabling her to develop solid practical skills to increase the theoretical knowledge acquired during her studies in science, commerce, and logistics.

Passionately interested in languages and different cultures since childhood, Floriane embarked on a career in translation upon her arrival in Switzerland. She has a wide-ranging sense of intellectual curiosity, and brought many skills developed throughout her career path to her new profession.

Floriane joined the TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. team in September 2015. Perfectly fluent in French, her mother tongue, she is a wordplay enthusiast who enhances every new translation with her excellent communication skills, linguistic precision, and aptitude for accuracy and organisation. While maintaining the utmost respect for the content and style of the original text, she has the ability to put herself in the reader’s place and to adapt her translations to the target audience. She pays close attention to clients’ needs and attaches great importance to the quality of the work she produces.

Floriane enjoys spending her leisure time with her family and friends. She indulges her passion for American and French literature by voraciously reading novels of every genre and is also an avid cinephile.

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Agent Management

Dalibor Damjanovic
Head of Agent Management
SAL translator

Selecting the best specialist translators for every job

Together with his fellow teammates from the Agent Management department, Dalibor Damjanovic is responsible for finding the right specialist translator to match your company as well as a professor/university lecturer for the subsequent correction of your texts.

The quality assurance of your orders is given the utmost priority.

Dalibor completed his translation degree at the School of Applied Linguistics (SAL) in Zurich at the beginning of 2014.

He studied his native language Serbian in addition to German and English. Raised in a bilingual environment, he has a flair for languages that aids him when communicating with the Translation-Probst Ltd. specialist translators and also facilitates his understanding of multilingual messages.

In his free time, Dalibor plays and coaches basketball and is active in youth development.

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CLT (Corporate Language Technology)

Carole Menzi
Head of CLT Department
BA in Translation

Responsible for your corporate language and the optimum use of SDL Trados

After completing her studies in translation (English, Spanish and French) at the ZHAW in Winterthur, Carole Menzi spent a year volunteering in Colombia, where she was able to improve her Spanish and gain valuable intercultural skills.

She was then able to put her fascination for languages, corporate language and technology to excellent use by joining TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. With an unerring eye for detail, she oversees all of the company terminology for our core customers to ensure that they present a uniform corporate image and that their corporate language is guaranteed.

In addition, she invests an equal amount of passion in making optimum use of the latest translation software from SDL Trados. SDL Trados recognises technical terms, sentence fragments and sentences from texts that we have already translated for our customers and saves them in a data bank, which our translators can access while they work. This guarantees maximum consistency in our translations.

Working to optimise this process requires an attentive and precise approach, and Carole is just the right person for the job thanks to her reliable and careful manner and her integrated way of thinking.

Phone: +41 (0) 840 123 456 |

Verena Tießen
Certified linguist

Responsible for company terminology and SDL Trados troubleshooting

This certified linguist studied more than just multiple languages at the University of Potsdam – she also took courses in computer linguistics, computer sciences and German philology. After graduating in 2010, she worked in the special research field of information structure, and also gained experience as a technical translator.

In our Corporate Language department, Verena Tießen is responsible for creating your translation memory and terminology data banks. Furthermore, she capably handles all the enquiries from translators and key account managers regarding the SDL Trados CAT software.

Phone: +41 (0) 840 123 456 |

Jonas Widén
MA in Professional Translation

A meticulous language expert

Growing up in a bilingual household – with a Swedish father and a Swiss mother – provided the perfect conditions for Jonas to continue developing his childhood love of languages. After a brief foray into law, Jonas mended his ways and decided to study at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW. With a bachelor degree in Multilingual Communication and a master’s in Professional Translation, he now possesses the necessary tools for the translation sector.

At TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. he compiles, maintains and updates your terminology databases and translation memory banks and thus ensures the highest possible degree of linguistic precision and consistency for your texts. He also supports the Key Account Management team and our translators in handling translation orders using SDL Trados and MultiTerm. His passion for computers and technology comes in handy here as he uses tools and tinkering to win seemingly hopeless battles against the snags and snafus in the complex world of IT. His meticulous working method and his flair for finding just the right word make him the ideal employee for the Corporate Language Technology department.

In his free time, Jonas likes spending time on the computer (who would have guessed?), reading a book or rearranging his record collection.

Tel: +41 840 123 456 |

Interpreting Management

Giulia Silvestrini
Head of Interpreting Department
MA of Arts in Conference Interpreting

The best interpreters for your multilingual events

Giulia Silvestrini, head of our Interpreting Management department, knows exactly what you need when it comes to multilingual events. She is a professional conference interpreter herself with a master’s degree from the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (FTI) at the University of Geneva. With her solid base of expertise, she ensures that the interpreters provided for your event are true professionals with proven skills who also possess a profile that matches your sector. This allows the Interpreting department at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to provide you with excellent service from the initial planning stage right through to implementation and post-production of your event, while guaranteeing that everything runs smoothly and successfully. Giulia’s know-how enables her to foresee potential hurdles early on and avert disasters before they happen. Her professionalism means she can recognise and respond empathetically to customers’ needs.

In her leisure time, Giulia enjoys playing sports – preferably outdoors in the fresh air – and exploring Zurich and its surrounding area. She also loves to travel whenever she has the opportunity. 

Tel: +41 840 123 456 | Direct: +41 52 264 70 95

Finances and HR

Fabiola von Wyl
Commercial clerk

Accurate number cruncher

Fabiola completed her commercial training with a company in the construction sector. During her time there, she realised that the clear structures and mathematical rules in the finance department were what fascinated her the most, so she continued her professional career in the accounting division of an IT company.

After spending three years in that job, the inquisitive number cruncher decided it was time for a new challenge. Since then, Fabiola has been actively supporting the accounting department at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. With her reliability, responsible attitude and accurate working methods, she is the perfect fit for this position. She pays great attention to ensure that customer invoices are sent out correctly and that our translators receive their salary payments punctually. Fabiola is a woman of many talents. In addition to her distinctive flair for figures, she speaks fluent English and is currently improving her French skills.

Her free time is spent with her loved ones, whether they are enjoying a challenging workout, a delicious dinner or a pleasant evening of conversation.

Phone: +41 840 123 456 |

Business Development

Hilary Marston
Head of Business Development
BA in Modern Languages

Driven to discover ingenious solutions for clients

Hilary Marston was awarded her bachelor’s degree in modern languages, including German and French, from the University of Durham. She moved to Paris in 1999, where she initially worked as a client consultant for financial translations. Since 2016 Ms Marston has been responsible for business development at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. She adores coming up with ingenious solutions for clients – whether it is a small start-up or a large international corporation.

During her free time, she can be found outdoors playing with her children, jogging or watching football. When it comes to her life goal, she has taken a significant challenge. “I want to raise my children in a safe and peaceful world and support them on every level during their journey to happiness.

Melania D'Ambrosio
BA in Literature and Linguistics
CAS in Professional Translation  

Languages – bridge building between different cultures 

Melania D'Ambrosio studied Romance languages and English at the University of Bern and also spent time in Rome and New York. In addition to a career in tourism as well as in the cultural sector, Melania successfully completed the CAS in Professional Translation at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur. Before joining our team, she was previously employed at an international translation services provider, where she proved her linguistic and organisational skills as a key account manager. Melania is now able to put her affinity for languages and cultures to very good use as Business Development Manager at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.
In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin, travelling and cooking.

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