Experienced specialist consecutive interpreters

Excellent consecutive interpreting services.

Our network of professional consecutive interpreters and our long-standing experience as an organisational partner guarantee that the enthusiastic atmosphere of your important events is maintained throughout. . Whether it is at a press conference, a business meeting, a meeting with the notary, a film première or a gala dinner – thanks to our consecutive interpreters you can be natural in your interactions with your discussion partners. The eloquence and specialist expertise of our consecutive interpreters will hit the mark with your target audience. 

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Your business partners will appreciate your professional communication

When you make arrangements for impeccable communication at international events, the participants and your business partners realise: You can be trusted. This trust aids you in successfully meeting expectations and achieving your goals at your event.

Consecutive interpreting is a favourite for event managers and organisers who want to make sure that everything goes according to plan. This is ultimately reflected in the feedback given by the target audience.

Consecutive interpreters with intercultural flair

Our consecutive interpreters are certified, professional and experienced interpreters who specialise in the required subject area. The interpreters do extensive preparatory work in advance of your event. The target language is the mother tongue of the interpreters.

The oldest interpreting method

Consecutive interpreting means that the translation of the speaker's words occurs with a time gap. The translations are carried out during brief pauses made by the speaker. The interpreter follows the speaker section by section. It is a more time-consuming method of interpreting. Consecutive interpreters also render any questions asked by participants into the language of the speaker. Thus the communication between two discussion partners is facilitated, e.g. during interviews or negotiations.

Our interpreting services company is reliable

According to the level of intensity of the event we provide you with individual consecutive interpreters or teams of two for each language combination. We organise and coordinate the interpreting service with minute attention to quality down to the smallest detail – we are always on schedule and efficient in managing the flow of information.

All-round support

  • We are happy to prepare translations of your documents and presentations for your event.
  • If necessary we also take care of the right technical equipment required for the organisation: We use the most up-to-date versions of conference technology which allows us to guarantee the highest quality of consecutive interpreting.

Our consecutive interpreters make a good impression

What Phonak says about our consecutive interpreting service:

"We are thrilled by the performance of the Japanese consecutive interpreter provided by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.! She made an impression with her courtesy, reliability, professional competence and extremely fast rendering of what was spoken. It is nice to have a specialist along for such meetings to support us in providing optimal services to our important clients."

KBA-Notasys provided the following feedback:

"The interpreter was capable of translating even the most complex Chinese technical terms precisely and professionally at one-second intervals." The entire assignment was planned smoothly within a week. Our Chinese guests are thrilled. We can certainly recommend this interpreting service."

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Samples of work

Interpreting for Kuoni

Kuoni, one of the largest travel organisers in Europe, organised its annual meeting in Gstaad. The consecutive interpreters from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. helped the managers at individual travel agencies in Switzerland to cross the language barriers between French, English and Italian. They made a great impression during a motivation workshop, an IT workshop and during the social part of the event. The event turned out to be a success in business terms as well as interpersonal relationships.

Here you can find more samples of our work.

More information and quotes

Giulia Silvestrini, Interpreter Management

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