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Quality guarantee

High quality is good, guaranteed quality is better!

Thanks to our effective quality control process you don’t need to worry about mistakes slipping through.

Award-winning translation company

In April 2012, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. received the CTI Label. This renowned quality label is awarded by the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI, which acts as the Swiss Confederation’s innovation promotion agency. The label distinguishes highly innovative start-up companies. If a company fulfils the criteria of the CTI, it is subjected to a comprehensive evaluation and coaching process. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. passed this process successfully and, of the two hundred or so companies to have been distinguished since 1996, is the only Swiss translation company to have received this certificate. Additionally, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was named "Best start-up company" in 2006 by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur.

Quality control process
To ensure that your translation or text is of the highest quality and so that it wins over your target audience, it goes through a tried-and-tested quality control process with us:

Only native-speaking specialist translators with university degrees work on the translation of your text. These translators know your industry and your company. Secondary proofreading at no extra charge is carried out by a professional lecturer who is a native speaker of the target language.

Intercultural adaptation
Optimise your sales through targeted translations! Our translators follow your communication objectives.

Not only will your text be translated into the language of the appropriate country, it will also be adapted according to your target groups in the target market.

To ensure that every text in your company speaks the same language and is written in the same style, the same translators always work with the same customers. Upon request, we can develop your company’s Corporate Language.

"ready-to-print" service
In foreign languages different rules apply for separations, line breaks, etc. So send us your document before you send it to print. We check that your graphics are included in the right part of the translation and that separations and line breaks match up.

Excluded from the guarantee:

  • Changes due to subsequent updating of your project
  • Preferences regarding points of style which we were not informed of when the order was given
  • Special requirements regarding certification or printing

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Terms for refund

  • Should the customer not be satisfied with the quality of the translations or texts, he/she may request a revision of the translated document(s) under the agreed conditions to ensure 100% satisfaction, or a refund of up to 15% of the translation costs.
  • Should a translation be delivered after the agreed deadline, the customer can request a refund of up to 15% of the translation costs.
  • Because of the service-based nature of the translating process, no returns can be accepted, and under no circumstances can refunds of a value greater than 15% be granted.

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Switzerland: 0840 123 456
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