Translations and texts worth their weight in gold

When your message hits home with your target audience, your translations and texts are worth their weight in gold. Thanks to our effective quality assurance process, you receive translations that are tailored to your target audience. The extensive feedback we receive from our customers confirms that our language services – particularly in the areas of Finance/Business, Marketing, IT, Technology and Tourism – fulfil our promises in every regard.

Below you will find testimonials from our customers in a wide variety of branches

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Interview about website translations

Dr. Marc Höchli, in charge of communications for the government council and canton of Zug

"TRANSLATION-PROBST's translation of our website was not only reliable, accurate and fast, but their technical expertise meant they could also integrate all of the texts into our CMS." 

Interview about translations in the marketing sector 

Max Wey, CEO of Boa Lingua Business Class 

"TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is outstanding at conveying the emotions that distinguish our product."

Interview about translations & texts in the marketing/communication sector

Oliver Brunschwiler, Head of Brand Communication at FREITAG:

"The wording is always tailored to the target group – in every language. This is where TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has really helped us to up our game."

Interview about translations in the technology sector

Ave Bays, executive assistant/translator at Schweizerische Elektro-Einkaufs-Vereinigung (eev):

"A translation company that provides excellent quality"

Interview about translations in the marketing/technology sector

Beat Baumgartner, responsible for internal and external communication at Schindler:

"Particularly impressive express translations and terminology service"

Interview about translations in the PR sector

Bettina Buomberger, responsible for internal and external communication for the Jacobs Foundation:

"Reliable translation company"

Interview about translations in the HR/logistics sector

Doris Hekele, working in the HR at Gondrand Logistics Switzerland:

"The right terminology service is crucial for translations in an HR department"

Interview about translations in the communication sector

Claudio Moro, FH SCHWEIZ media office (umbrella organisation for Swiss universities):

"Our collaboration functions without a hitch"

Interview about translations in the technology sector

Adrian SchwizerManager Portfolio Coordination & Corporate Marketing at RICOH SWITZERLAND LTD.

“Thanks to the professional translations by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., we can concentrate on our core business.

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IT, communication

"Excellent cooperation"

Abraxas Informatik AG is an experienced Swiss ICT company with a wide selection of services for public administrations and medium-sized enterprises. Abraxas offers customers all the relevant services from one source in the areas of business-process integration, specialised applications and services. These include everything from consulting and application development to implementation, infrastructure set-up and operating efficiency. Markus Gross, editor of Abraxas corporate communications: "TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. delivers top-quality, punctual translations and has friendly, service-oriented employees."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Quick and effective response to complex and exciting project"

Swiss Post Ltd. embodies the quality, innovation, and flexibility needed to meet the requirements of constantly changing markets and customers. From June to August 2016, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. organized a personal interpretation service in the context of a project led by Swiss Post. The services offered consisted of consecutive and simultaneous interpretations of the Swiss national languages into English for a range of interviews with top managers, visits to clients throughout Switzerland, and a 48-hour workshop.

Liv Bianchet, the Project Head at Swiss Post, commented: “In this dynamic and challenging context, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. and its interpreters demonstrated flexibility and an adaptive capacity which guaranteed the high quality standards despite situations of great variety. The interpreters showed great professionalism and expertise, and TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was able to effectively and rapidly respond to the requirements of this complex and exciting project, to carefully pay attention to all the details from organizing the interpreters’ assignments to collaborating with the supplier of the technical conference equipment.

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"The target audience is addressed directly"

Georg Derendinger, marketing, Swisscom:
"TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s texts are competently translated and really adapted to the target audience."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen in der Telekommunikationsbranche

“Efficient and professional service

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Several years of quality"

Catherine Jacobi, marketing, Adobe:
"With marketing texts, the quality of translation is critical. This is why we have worked with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for years."

"Interpreting with professionally prepared terminology"

management tools research ag offers consulting with innovative tools for knowledge management with a focus on market research and media monitoring. The company decided to use our interpreting services during its market-research interviews. We selected an interpreter for this assignment in Zurich who provided consecutive interpreting of the questions from German into English. Mr Andreas Logk from management tools research ag: "The assignment was intensive and required extreme concentration from everyone involved. However, the interpreter's work made the job much easier for us and we were completely satisfied with her top-quality performance. The interpreting was carried out with a great deal of tact, and the technical terms were researched and prepared very professionally."

Übersetzung von Kundenumfragen durch die TRANSLATION-PROBST AG

"Impeccable quality delivered punctually"

ATIZO 360° is an end-to-end innovation consulting agency and Switzerland’s leading open innovation expert. With its proven workshop formats, ATIZO 360° guides customers through crowdsourcing projects and helps them achieve their goals. Its own international community, comprising over 25,000 innovators, provides additional support. ATIZO 360° conducted a customer survey as part of one of these projects and then hired TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to translate it into English and French.

Jan Oehen, project manager with ATIZO 360°, had this to say: “Working together was very pleasant. The translations were delivered punctually and were of impeccable quality.

Interpreting, translations, text services – TRANSLATION-PROBST AG

“The interpreting service was tailored precisely to suit the event.

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Impressive price-performance ratio"

Ingram Micro is the leading wholesaler of IT products in Switzerland’s business-to-business sector. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. supports the IT specialists in the western Swiss market with regular translations of newsletters and product brochures.

Simon Röthlin, marketing manager, Ingram Micro: "Quick, precise and accurate work at a fair price. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s translations have impressed us."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Marketing texts accurately translated"

DSwiss offers highly secure Internet services and long-term preservation of important digital data to customers and partners worldwide. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. supported the company in its global product launch with translation and text services.

Lukas von Känel, managing director, DSwiss: "Thank you for your cooperation! There will be more work for you in future."

"The feedback from our client was absolutely positive"

ipmedia AG called upon our services on behalf of a banking institution in Liechtenstein for a German-English interpreting job. The interpreters from TRANSLATIONS-PROBST Ltd. were able to interpret from a separate room during an information event, which was also broadcast live to external stations around the world via an intranet.
Felix Merz, Managing Director in St. Gallen, ipmedia AG: "Many thanks for your contribution during the strategy event for our client in Vaduz. Your work was praised unreservedly! The feedback from the client was also absolutely positive."

"We were impressed by the quality and punctual delivery of the translation."

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. gained a new satisfied customer through the recommendation of an existing satisfied customer! Monika Günthardt, employee of Tata Consultancy Services: "Thanks so much for your excellent work – the interim report was translated superbly and formatted perfectly according to our template!"

Tata Consultancy Services is a provider of IT services, business solutions and outsourcing, and offers its global customers services with a delivery reliability that no other company on the market has been able to match.

"Personal advice included!"

Ms Susanne Stefanoni from the non-profit organisation a:primo commissioned us to translate a German brochure for parents into Albanian, Tamil, Arabic, Kurdish and five other languages. "The order was processed in an extremely friendly and professional manner. An employee from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. even came to visit us in person to clarify the final details. The delivery deadline was met and we were very happy with the way in which the order was handled."

Food products

Übersetzungen im Nahrungsmittel-Bereich.

"The all-round, worry-free package"

Founded in 1886, Hero AG is one of Europe's leading food manufacturers and has a presence in over 30 countries. This international aspect requires expert linguistic support. When a new website was created in connection with the rebranding of the "Adapta" brand to "Hero Baby", Hero decided to collaborate with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Birgit and Andrea, both Infant Nutrition senior marketing managers with Hero, were very impressed with the service provided by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. "The translation of our customer brochure was completed directly in InDesign. This enabled us to save a tremendous amount of time since additional format changes were unnecessary. Even the final check before online publication after the "Hero Baby" website texts were translated was carried out directly in the CMS. This service also saved us significant extra work. With TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. you really get the all-round, worry-free package."

Übersetzungen für die Siberian Vodka AG

“Whatever you touch turns to gold!

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Perfect translations for corporate identity"

Patricia de Salvador, marketing, Saeco AG:
"Our newsletters, brochures, product presentations and letters are excellently translated! Thank you for the consistently quick and perfect service."

Heineken über TRANSLATION-PROBST: Präzis, rasch und zuverlässig

"Every kind of text is accurate and reliable"

Philipp Haeseli, brand manager, Heineken:
"Whether it’s a flyer, newsletter, brochure or letter - TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. provides translations which meet our high standards of quality. We appreciate the professional and efficient service. The on-line input and management of orders is very useful for us, especially in busy periods."

"As if it were our own in-house department"

Julian Andreschewski, manager of SUBWAY Winterthur: "As the fast-food chain with the most restaurants worldwide, attractive marketing texts are a must for SUBWAY. That's why we've been using the reliable language services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for years. The quality, creativity and originality of their texts in German and in foreign languages always impress us. Furthermore, we particularly appreciate the fact that the team can identify with our brand so well and fulfil our wishes and needs as if it were our own in-house department. And the texts are spot on for the desired communication medium – whether it's social media, a flyer or our website.

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Our specialist terminology makes high demands of the translator"

Shirley McMasters, product management, PRONATEC AG:
"As an international trading company PRONATEC AG depends on technically correct translations. The technical language in the organic and fair trade sectors requires a high standard of translator. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. impressed us with their professionalism, reliability and flexibility and with a highly efficient order processing. We would recommend the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. any time."

Website-Übersetzung KNEUSS Güggeli

"Perfect, quick, simple"

Roland Schweizer, head of exports / new markets, KNEUSS Güggeli:
"For KNEUSS Güggeli, as a producer of the finest chicken dishes for Switzerland’s gastronomy and retail industries, offering perfect quality is an absolute must. This is why we asked TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to translate our website This has brought a lot to our business and we are very satisfied. In a nutshell: perfect quality, quick order processing and straightforward communication!"

Energy, Industry, Technology

«Simultaneous translation at our workshop: straightforward and efficient»

Whether in the field of design, engines, chassis or environmental impact and safety: BMW Motorcycles are top of the range in every respect. With the aim of constantly working on individual, innovative products which also set long-term standards, BMW Motorcycles certainly know how to generate the pleasure of driving. The company contacted TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. regarding a workshop on the theme of motorcycle technology and racing sport with a view to reserving an interpreter who also has specialist expertise in technology. Mr Patrick Frutschi, Marketing Projects Specialist at BMW (Switzerland) AG, says: «Translations play a central role at our workshops: The technical terms have to be translated precisely so that the participants get the maximum benefit in know-how from the workshop. The interpreter was friendly, straightforward, and did a great job. We are very satisfied and already looking forward to carrying out the next work assignments with our new translation service.»  

Übersetzungen im Bereich Transport und Logistik

"Consistent language and correctly translated terminology"

Planzer Transport AG is a Swiss transport and warehouse logistics company. Founded in 1936, its speciality today is transporting shipments from A to B quickly, carefully and sustainably. Denise Arbolaez, Marketing and Communication project manager: "In our case, it is particularly important that texts are translated freely rather than literally. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. does this very well. We also place a high priority on having consistent corporate wording for Planzer Transport AG in all languages and ensuring that our terminology is correctly translated. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. fulfils all of these demands."

Übersetzungen im Bereich Transport und Logistik

“Efficient, customer-focused and sustainable"

Gategroup is the global leader and independent provider of products, services and solutions for on-board airline passenger comfort. The company specialises in care and catering for passengers as well as logistics for companies who want to treat their guests to culinary delights during the flight. Karen Widmer, HR director for Gategroup, had the following to say about the translations from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.: "We have been working with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for more than four years now and are very happy with the service and quality. Efficient, customer-focused and sustainable."

Übersetzungen in der Industrie-Branche

“Outstanding quality

Übersetzungen im Bereich Transport und Logistik

“Perfect translation of specialised terminology

"Speedy, competent and flawless organisation from A to Z"

The Distrelec Group is a leading on-line and catalogue distributor for electronics, automation, measurement technology, IT and accessories. The company belongs to the international firm Dätwyler Holding AG and was founded 40 years ago. Distrelec strives to deliver top quality performance, which is only possible with well-informed employees. This is why the company hired an interpreter on the occasion of the CEO's speech. Natalia Bednarczyk, Executive Assistant with Distrelec, commented: "We were forced to make a last-minute booking, which TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. handled smoothly and competently. Everything was organised flawlessly from the interpreter to the technical infrastructure, and the results earned the praise of our employees."

«Simultaneous interpreter was the perfect match for our team»

The Ferrum AG company combines five different business divisions under a single roof: canning technology, casting, production, washing technology and centrifugal technology. As a result, it requires interpreters who are highly specialised in the field of technology for its events and workshops. The company booked a specialist interpreter from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. at short notice for a one-week internal technology training course. Doris Fiedler, Training Assistant Ferrum AG: «The interpreter integrated perfectly into the team both in terms of specialist knowledge and in terms of demeanour. We were extremely pleased with the collaboration and intend to book TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s interpreter services on a regular basis. We can heartily recommend both the interpreters and the professional service provided by the managers responsible.»

“We appreciate the consistency that is evident in all of the translations

«Accurate language and precision equipment –  we are thrilled.»

Carglass® is the worldwide leading service provider for repairing and replacing car glass. At Carglass® the daily routine of replacing windscreens is becoming more and more complex. For this reason Carglass® is investing in its employees and equipment within Switzerland as well as globally. At the start of 2015 the company decided to engage the interpreting service of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Carole Besson, Marketing&PR Manager at Carglass Schweiz AG, comments on the simultaneous interpretation services for the subject of calibration provided in the language combinations English-German and English-French: «We are thrilled. The interpreters are absolutely professional and the participants are completely satisfied. The complex topic was rendered with a high level of accuracy in various languages. The interpreting equipment arranged by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. in collaboration with Bluetrac AG worked perfectly. An outstanding first assignment – and in view of the top level of quality certainly not the last one.»

“Outstanding translations

Kurzfristiger Dolmetsch-Service durch die TRANSLATION-PROBST AG

“Great organisation and perfect translation

Übersetzungen in der Bausystem-Branche – TRANSLATION-PROBST AG

"Quickly and competently"

SYTEC Bausysteme AG in Neuenegg/BE provides full consulting and support for building projects, from planning through to services. It places a particular emphasis on quality and achieves it with innovative ideas and durable technologies that can be implemented quickly despite cost pressure. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was hired to translate short texts into Italian and French for SYSTEC.


 Helmuth Zbinden, Manager of Business Partners with SYTEC Bausysteme AG, confirmed their satisfaction: “Our orders were completed quickly and competently.

“We are thrilled by this service

"Translated expertly and quickly"

The Swiss technology network is the umbrella organisation for the various industry sectors in Switzerland's technology business. From SMEs to international corporations – at, a vast variety of companies all play a part. The organisation entrusts TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. with its translations. Claudia Marra, office manager at, has the following to say: "I'm very satisfied with the translations. They are completed very quickly, and also very expertly. The service and customer care are also absolutely impeccable."

"Promotes the use of valuable synergies"

Litex AG is active in the area of 3D brand worlds and innovative product design. With over 50 years of experience, the company creates the perfect setting for its clients' brands. Litex AG has a Switzerland-wide marketing and service network, and tested TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.'s video interpreting via Swisscom Vidia for its internal communication. Sasha Petschnig, CEO of Litex AG, commented: "Video interpreting enables understanding between employees from the different linguistic regions in Switzerland, meaning that valuable synergies can be used. Furthermore, it is very easy to organise and saves time and money."

Rheinmetall Air Defence AG Referenz - TRANSLATION-PROBST AG

"Superb organisation, superb interpreters, superb employee feedback"

The company Rheinmetall Air Defence AG required professional interpreters and appropriate technology such as interpreting booths for an employee workshop focused on networking its locations in Zurich, Bremen, Norway and Italy. Daniela Höpperger, HR Development HE, Rheinmetall Air Defence AG, on the performance of our interpreters: "The interpreters were extremely competent and thoroughly prepared. I also received superb service from the project manager: expert, friendly and very reliable – it is a pleasure to work with you. The feedback from participants was also superb. The next time we need interpreters, we will definitely call on TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. again. I am more than happy to recommend this company."


"Flexible and professional"

"My experience with TRANSLATION-PROBST: flexible, reliable, punctual – in general, completely professional!"

Patrik Lüthi, Communications Manager, Winterthur Schleiftechnik AG / 3M Schweiz AG  


"Arranging an interpreter for a management seminar at short notice"

The international company FRAISA offers advanced technology in the area of metal cutting tools. Their guiding principles are "passion for precision", innovation and a close relationship with the customer − and their range of activities includes mechanical and medical l engineering, the food industry, the automotive industry, the die and moulds industry as well as the aviation and aerospace industries. FRAISA contacted TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. because they required a reliable interpreting service capable of meeting all quality requirements even at short notice. Our simultaneous interpreters (language combination: German – English; subject area: business and technology) were engaged at FRAISA's two-day management seminar and were able to impress despite the last-minute organisation and the short preparation time. The assignment was organised within 24 hours and both interpreters were present.

Isabelle Füeg, Assistant to the CEO, FRAISA SA: "Fast, professional order processing and impeccable on-site implementation − such was our first and certainly not our last experience with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd."

"Technical translations of the highest quality"

Michel Oesch from BKS Kabel-Service AG is impressed by the order processing and translations from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.: "Well done! Our technical documents are highly complex and need to be translated clearly and explicitly. Your terminology service and technical translations exceed our expectations every time. For us, there is only one translation company to turn to: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. – they're unbeatable!"

«Unbelievably efficient and faster than expected»

Scobamat AG imports, exports and processes chemical and technical raw materials as well as adjuvants and plastics. It also manufactures semi-finished and finished products from base materials and sells them in Switzerland and abroad. The Swiss company relies on high-quality translations to communicate accurately all around the world. Richard Steger, owner of Scobamat AG, is more than satisfied: «We want to send our messages around the world, so we require absolutely accurate translations. We have been working together with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for some time now and have always been satisfied with the results. The translations are outstanding and are delivered even faster than expected. We are amazed time and again by how unbelievably efficiently the company operates.»

«Respekt vor der bewiesenen Qualität»

"Respect for the level of quality"

Schönbühl based Marti Holding AG is one of Switzerland’s biggest companies in the building industry, consisting of over 60 building firms. The company relies on TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s translation and text services for its communications about spectacular projects such as the Grand Dolder Hotel in Zürich or the total renovation of the Kölliken hazardous waste facility.

Rolf Blatter, director, Marti AG: "Your content and timing is excellent. We respect your proven professionalism!"

«Top quality, service and speed»

"Top quality, service and speed"

Schindler employs some 44,000 staff worldwide in 140 countries and is one of the world'sleading lift & elevator companies. In this context a large number of texts from the fields of technology and marketing need to be translated into French, English, Italian and German. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been doing translations and proofreading for Schindler Switzerland since 2008.

Beat Baumgartner, marketing and communication, Schindler: "We are really pleased with the quality, service and quickness of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. What also impresses us is the professional terminology service – which is of special importance for technical documents."

"Quick and uncomplicated service"

Schindler Elevators and its subsidiary AS Aufzüge AG asked TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to translate a text from German into English and requested that special attention be paid to style and linguistic finesse. The following is Claudia Zgraggen’s evaluation of the translation: "I was impressed by the quick and uncomplicated service. The text was translated precisely according to my wishes. I will certainly use TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. again in the future for our translation needs!"

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Quality and delivery always add up"

Dr. Res Gerber, senior engineer advanced products, Phonak AG: "We received our transcribed texts on time, and we are extremely pleased with the quality! I will recommend your company to other departments at Phonak AG."

"Very impressed with the interpreter's performance"

On 8 October 2012, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. provided Phonak Ltd. with a consecutive interpreter for the day. Discussions were interpreted from English and German into Japanese and vice versa. Iris Wettstein praised the work of our interpreter: "I was very impressed with the interpreter from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Her interpretation of the spoken word was polite, reliable, professional and exceptionally quick."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Interpreting service for multilingual Town Hall meeting.

“Impressed us with competency and professionalism

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"We value the expertise of the interpreters"

With over 5000 employees, Alstom is one of the largest industrial companies in Switzerland and is the largest private employer in the canton of Aargau. Regular staff training is conducted in several languages in areas such as engineering, electronics and energy.

Anna Petrella, human resources, Alstom: "TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s interpreters offer high professional competence and absolute professionalism. We are pleased to have found the right interpreting agency."

"Efficient order processing"

Pascale Deflorin from the ID Lufttechnik & Anlagenbau AG company is very satisfied with the efficient processing of orders at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. "Thanks to the prompt order processing at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., we can also continue our own work more speedily.

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"We appreciate the 24-hour on-line service"

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. offers a free on-line service around the clock, so that customers can quickly obtain quotes and place orders, and can access their translations and terminology lists at any time.

Roland Bischofberger, corporate investor relations, OC Oerlikon Management AG: "Since we began working with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., we have used the online service for processing orders. It is quick, easy to use and shows a list of all orders and their status. The operation is simple; we only needed a few minutes for the training."

Übersetzungen für die Reinigungsbranche

“Uncomplicated, flexible and premium quality

"Completely exceeded our expectations"

For more than 20 years, SMA has been passionately dedicated to applying its experience to develop and optimise railway systems of the future. The many regional, national and international projects realised by SMA have resulted in the acquisition of tremendous competence and unique expert knowledge in the railway sector. SMA has set itself the goal of always supplying high-quality, innovative and viable solutions. When requested to deliver an express translation of a work contract for SMA, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. showed that it can also supply high-quality translations when the pressure is on.

Lulu Leanza, financial expert, SMA und Partner AG: "We would like to thank you for the quick delivery of our order, which was professionally handled. Your service completely exceeded our expectations. This has made us keen to work together with you again in the future."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Perfect interpretation services for our engineers"

With its team of engineers and technicians, Vogel develops and produces machines, moulds, and complete production systems. The industrial company relies on high-quality translation and interpretation services.

Daniela Käser, administration, Vogel: "We are very satisfied with the interpreting and translation services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd."

Danfoss Schweiz über TRANSLATION-PROBST: Das Quäntchen mehr

"Desktop Publishing- the extra mile"

Daniela Buser, marketing, Danfoss Switzerland: "Thanks to TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. we have published our newsletter in western Switzerland! We like the fact that as well as translating and proofreading documents, the company also keeps the layout the same. They go the extra mile!"

«The translation was delivered much earlier than promised and the quality was excellent»

Marcel Massini, owner of Massini AG, is the expert to turn to when it comes to Ferraris and he advises Ferrari dealers all over the world. The service provided by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. impressed Massini since just like Ferraris, we often break translation speed records: "Working together with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is an absolute pleasure. The extremely fast response times and immediate replies to e-mails even outside of office hours are particularly impressive. The translation itself was delivered much earlier than promised and the quality was excellent. Massini AG is completely satisfied. Thank you very much. We will certainly be back."

Economics, Finance

Übersetzungen in der Wissenschaft

“Professional processing and rapid reaction times

"Absolutely to be recommended!"

The Luzerner Kantonalbank AG organised an event in June 2014 that required simultaneous German-English interpreting for the participants. Around 300 guests were invited and Dr. Permi Jhooti, a former professional female footballer, was the speaker. The presentation part started with a talk to set the tone and share expertise, and a podium discussion was held afterwards. The interactive discussions with the audience on the topic of "The courage to change" were lively and entertaining. 

Janine Zimmermann, event manager for the Luzerner Kantonalbank AG, was impressed by our interpreting services: "You can depend on receiving top-quality service from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. The interpreting was extremely good and the event participants were naturally very satisfied as well. Absolutely to be recommended!" 

"Professional and reliable"

The Lorange Institute of Business Zurich provides custom corporate education solutions and EMBA and EMSC degrees delivered via an innovative, flexible format. Recently the Lorange Institute of Business hosted 30 executives from a Chinese University for a course on branding. The course was simultaneously translated into Chinese by an interpreter from TRANSLATION-PROBST LTd.

“The interpreter was well-prepared, and exhibited a high degree of professionalism and a strong presence. The Chinese clients were very satisfied—as were we. We will definitely use TRANSLATION-PROBST LTd in the future.

"We'll be back"

As the second-oldest private bank in the world, Berenberg Bank has particularly high standards – both for itself and for its suppliers. In order to provide optimum service for its international customers, Berenberg Bank contracted TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to carry out translation orders. Michael A.P. Sager, Managing Director: "Your service was impeccable. We will be using TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. again."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Interpretation services of the highest level"

In November 2008, OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) worked at a UN conference using TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s simultaneous interpreters. Documents for the conference were also translated by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

Grigore Shibko, press / media, OSCE: "We were extremely satisfied with the quality of translations and TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s professional approach to the interpretation."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen Medienmitteilung und KMU-Spiegel 2016

“Great service, absolutely top!

"Prompt delivery of consistent translations"

Budgetberatung Schweiz is the umbrella organisation of 37 budget advice agencies across Switzerland. Sponsors of the budget advice agencies include women’s associations as well as church, government and private non-profit organisations. The specialist organisation uses its services to assist people from all social milieus in dealing with their private financial matters and helps them to act conscientiously when it comes to financial decisions. The translation of texts and specialist articles on financial topics requires precise and consistent terminology. This is why Budgetberatung Schweiz trusts the consistent translations and terminology service provided by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

Ursula Tännler, director, Budgetberatung Schweiz: "Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the updated terminology list. We think it’s brilliant that TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. makes such an effort to provide customers with consistent translations."

Juristische Übersetzungen, Marketing Übersetzungen, Express-Übersetzungen

"The express translation was perfect"

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. regularly translates legal and marketing texts for the Swiss Association of Applied Psychology. The example of a management summary, which had to be translated in three hours shows that the level of quality is still high even when deadlines are short.
Lic. phil. Heloisa Martino, secretary, Swiss Association of Applied Psychology: "Thank you very much for your translation of our contract – we are very pleased with it!"

"Extremely competent Chinese interpreter"

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. provided a Chinese interpreter for KBA-Notasys. Thomas Hendle commented on the services delivered: "The interpreter was able to precisely and professionally interpret even the most difficult Chinese technical terms virtually instantaneously. The overall performance was planned within a week without any problems arising. Thanks to the strong quality focus and an excellent flair for organisation on the part of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., we were able to really impress our Chinese visitors. We can give this interpreting service our heartiest recommendation."

“Masterful consecutive interpreting

“Perfect service and expert advice

«The fast and friendly customer service impressed me«

Kübler Immobilien AG is a real estate management company that has been active in the Winterthur region for many years. It manages both its own and external properties. When it comes to translations from German to Italian in the areas of law, administration and property deeds, the company chooses the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. According to Manuela Lach, real estate manager with Kübler Immobilien AG, the following factors were decisive: «I received very friendly and expert advice on the telephone and had a perfect translation on the desk in front of me within 24 hours. The fast and friendly customer service impressed me.»

«Translations you can trust absolutely»

Immoleute AG offers real-estate services from one source. From administration and assessments to sales, the company provides expert consulting in all areas. In the process, it places a high priority not only on professionalism but also on sincerity, honesty, punctuality, flexibility and creativity. The accurate translations from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. are a great help in achieving this, since Immoleute AG can provide its customers with documents in their own native language. Oliver Müller, real-estate assessor & marketer with Immoleute AG Schaffhausen: «The translations are delivered quickly and punctually, and we can trust them absolutely.»


«Professional service due to perfect translations»

Niggli & Zala AG, based in Pontresina, has been active in the areas of real estate, fiduciary and administrative services for over 50 years. Its geographical proximity to Italy creates a particular challenge for the company, since its Italian-speaking customers also need to be addressed professionally and accurately. In order to achieve this Niggli & Zala AG relies on high-quality translations of its sales documentation. Alexandra Schwarz, federally-certified real-estate marketer with Niggli & Zala AG: «Thanks to the translations from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., we are able to serve our Italian customers professionally. We are very satisfied with the service provided. The translations are always correct and delivered on time.»


"Precision we can rely on"

Sylvia Meier, marketing, BNP Paribas:
"Exact terminology and precise wording are essential in financial and banking translations. Whether it be for translations of annual reports, business analyses and trends or for other financial and economic texts, we are pleased to be able to count on your translation reliable translation service."


Übersetzungen für den öffentlichen Verkehr

"We have received only positive feedback"

The Zurich Transport Network (ZVV) is the highest public transport authority in the canton of Zurich. The ZVV brings together more than 50 transport companies under one umbrella organisation. In total, they move more than 620 million passengers each year. Reliability and quality are key priorities for the Zurich Transport Network. This also applies to its online presence. Why did the ZVV choose TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.? Stefan Kaufmann, the deputy communications manager for the ZVV, commented on the selection of the translation company: “TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was recommended to us originally. The price-performance ratio and the personal service impressed us.

Interpretation services for SBB - TRANSLATION-PROBST AG

“Interpreters impressed us with technical expertise

"Top-quality performance by the interpreters – a successful international event"

The Swiss Museum of Transport hosted the Symposium of Planetariums 2014 from 1 May to 5 May with 220 participants from 14 countries. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. organised the interpreters for the simultaneous interpretation of the presentations in the conference languages of German, French and Italian. The interpreters earned spontaneous applause from the audience for their performance.

Daniel Schlup, Vice Director, Swiss Museum of Transport: "The quality and commitment of the interpreters, the enthusiastic support during organisation of the event and last but not least the fair prices are all good reasons to contract the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. once again for upcoming events."

"Really responded to our requirements"

"TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. became our partner of choice because its staff really responded to our requirements. They came up with a creative solution which was tailor-made to our situation. The translation service was extremely well prepared and immaculately carried out, generating real added value for us!" Markus Lerch, Vice-Director Regional Fleet Sales, AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG.

Gondrand über TRANSLATION-PROBST: Gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis

"Professional, straightforward cooperation"

Doris Hekele, human resources, Gondrand:
"We are very satisfied with your proofreading service and your translations. Cooperation with you is straightforward, reliable and quick. Many thanks!"

"We save time and money"

MAT SECURITAS EXPRESS AG is famous for the slogan, "safe from safe to safe". The logistics company counts on TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for translations of legal and advertising texts to make sure that the messages of the company are transported as safely as the contents of its vehicles.

André Zurfluh, head of marketing & sales, MAT SECURITAS EXPRESS AG : "We appreciate the professionalism of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. The layout service saves us a lot of time and money."

"Reliable proofreading, intelligent input"

The Swiss Traffic Safety Board VSR asked us to proofread its handbooks for the organisers of voluntary further education courses for both motor vehicles as well as bicycles and e-bikes. Stefan Ingold, director of the Swiss Traffic Safety Board, commented on our performance: "The proofreading of our documents was absolutely reliable. We were also able to put your constructive input about the text to good use. We're thrilled by your service – and in future, we will use TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. exclusively for all our texts!"

Medicine, pharmaceuticals

«Technical terms translated perfectly»

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is one of the leading private hospital companies in Switzerland. Cutting-edge medicine at university level paired with a consistent focus on patients are the hallmarks of the company’s day-to-day business. The hospitals place a high priority on the professional and personalised care of their patients. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is already an established translation partner, and the company has now tried out its interpreting service as well. Dr. phil. Peter Werder, head of corporate communications for the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, had this to say about our interpreting service: «We were very satisfied with the service, and the feedback we received was also very positive. The technical terms were translated perfectly.»

«Excellent medical interpreting in Sweden»

Wellspect Healthcare, part of DENTSPLY International, is a leading supplier of innovative surgical and urological products and services. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. provided a French-German interpreter for a workshop that was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Martin Mezger, Territory Manager, had this to say about the interpreting: «The interpreter translated even the most specific medical terms precisely and effectively. The participants were delighted. The high requirements for top-quality simultaneous interpreting in the surgical and urological branch were fulfilled completely. It was very obvious that the interpreter had thoroughly researched the terminology beforehand. As well, we were able to rely on the professional support of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. in the area of organisation. We can heartily recommend this interpreting service.»

"Very prompt service!"

SIGVARIS AG is the market leader and an expert in the prevention and treatment of venous disease by means of compression therapy. Sabine Eckmann, Marketing Services SIGVARIS AG: "Precise translation of the specialist scientific terminology was essential when translating our physicians’ folder. We were impressed by the service received from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. in all respects."

Übersetzungen im Bereich Medizin/Pharma

“Flawless result

LogMan AG provides services for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. It assists its clients with services ranging from project management and specialist consulting to interim management. LogMan AG turned to TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. when it needed a translation from German into English. Andreas Oesch, CEO of LogMan AG, had the following to say: “As a first-time customer, we received a flawless result. We will continue to make use of this easy to use service.

Marketing, Advertising, PR

"If you want to build high, you need a solid foundation"

The Swiss Association of Builders (SBV) is the Switzerland-wide professional, economic and employer organisation for companies in the construction industry. When it comes to corporate communication, all of the different stakeholders need to be addressed in a target-group-oriented manner. This presents a specific challenge and requires the right balance between a marketing approach and technical information. Moreover, such communication must be carried out using a wide variety of formats ranging from press releases and annual reports to agreements, member advertising, contracts and letters. Recently, we have had a series of texts to translate on the topic of occupational training. These were particularly demanding because they were intended for very different audiences (public authorities, migrant workers, etc.) and required knowledge of both Swiss occupational training and the construction industry. The fact that deadlines are usually tight and translations need to be delivered very quickly – sometimes within three hours – makes things even more challenging. Since the Swiss Association of Builders needs to be able to depend completely on its translations and texts, it relies on the help of language services provider TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Martin A. Senn, vice-director and head of Policy & Communication for the Swiss Association of Builders, comments: "We are very satisfied with the quality of the translations and texts, and the orders are always delivered right on time."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

«TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has helped us to up our game»

Oliver Brunschwiler, FREITAG lab ag:
«FREITAG lab. ag has been entrusting TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. with its translations and texts for several years. Oliver Brunschwiler, Head of Brand Communication: "We take great care to use specific texts to communicate with the whole of our range of customers. We talk to students differently than we would to DINKs. That's why we always tailor our wording to the target group it is aimed at – in all languages. This is where TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has really helped us to up our game."»

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"In advertising texts every word must retain its meaning"

Sandro Galli, CEO, Propaganda Zürich AG:
"We were impressed with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s high quality translations of advertising texts. The texts are adapted to target groups and are very well translated. Quality translations completed promptly – we have been looking for this for a long time."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Top-quality translations and texts"

For several years now, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been providing translations and texts for Terre des hommes, the largest Swiss children's aid organisation. In order to reach its ambitious goals, the non profit organisation requires absolutely reliable texts and translations. Terre des Hommes has relied on TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for years. Laure Silacci, communication expert at Terre des Hommes: "Thank you very much for your top-quality translations and texts."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Translations, Text Services, Interpreting

"Congratulations on the great job!"

The Antidoping Switzerland Foundation is involved in all aspects concerning doping in sport. It lists prohibited substances, offers prevention assistance, organises doping controls, and names violators. To ensure that the foundation’s message is understood all over Switzerland, it hired two German-French interpreters from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for its annual conference in Lausanne.

Joël Tettoni, responsible for controls, was very pleased: “Even though we contacted TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. at the last minute to request interpreters, the multilingual communication at the conference was smooth and flawless. Congratulations on the great job!

terre des hommes schweiz

"Target-group-oriented website translation"

We translated the "terre des hommes schweiz" website into several languages. During this project, we paid special attention to the text tonality and terminology. Terre des hommes commented: "We are very satisfied with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.'s work. The translations for the website are tailored to our target group and the collaboration was carried out rapidly and pleasingly." Filip Zirin, Web and Social Media

Übersetzungen für die Schweizerische Kynologische Gesellschaft SKG – TRANSLATION-PROBST AG

"Always very pleased – Thanks so much!"

The Schweizerische Kynologische Gesellschaft SKG is your first contact point for any questions regarding dogs, breeding and ownership. After the motion to abolish mandatory dog ownership classes was tabled, the SKG was compelled to respond and drafted a presentation that emphasised the importance of providing training for dog owners. It hired TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to translate the presentation and its specific specialist terminology into French.  

Pia Garcia, assistant to the executive management at SKG, is impressed by the service provided by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.: “We are always very pleased with the service and translations. Even very urgent translations are delivered right on time. Thanks so much!

zur Webseite Roadcross

"Film translations that stay in the mind of the audience"

New times require new approaches. To address the film’s target audience as directly as possible, RoadCross has produced "Date Nina," intended (in an unconventional way) to encourage young drivers to behave more considerately on the roads. The film is about a date with the beautiful Nina, an internet acquaintance that the main character has never met before. The main character must make the right decision in several situations if he is to win Nina’s affections. The consequences of his behaviour and its effects on the road are experienced directly and in a fun way in "Date Nina." "20 Minuten" ran a report about the film on its front page and "Persönlich", the online portal for the communications industry, made the film the focal point of its newsletter. In the week following its launch, the game was played over 12,000 times and liked 1000 times on Facebook. The application is available in German, French and Italian. The film was translated by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

Silvan Granig, spokesman, RoadCross: "We are extremely satisfied with your translations. As expected, the national media were very interested in our film "Date Nina," and so it was crucial that the tone and style fit our target group. Your French and Italian translators have done this perfectly."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Flawless translations, speedy processing"

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. translated pamphlets, brochures and the fair guide for the Volg-Messe from German to French for the Winterthur media company Mattenbach AG. The objective was to attract as many visitors as possible to the fair – and once they arrived to help them find their way around more easily.

Markus Oegerli, customer service representative at Mattenbach AG: "Everything went absolutely smoothly – thanks to your contribution as well! I would like to thank you warmly for the speedy processing and the flawless translations!"

"Rapid translations in impeccable quality"

Serranetga – the name comes from Rhaeto-Romanic and means "zip" – is regarded as being the shooting star of Switzerland’s advertising market. It offers everything in this sector from the creation of an idea to media purchasing and media supply. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. carried out a translation order for this exceptional company. Miriam Stefania, the company’s Account Manager, said of the result: "Many thanks for the rapid translations which you supplied in impeccable quality. We will be pleased to consider you again for further translations."

Translations and terminology service for Giveawine

"We would be happy to recommend TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd."

Giveawine is the leading international provider of gourmet gifts for private and corporate clients. Novadoo, a brand of Giveawine plc, has invented an interactive gift-giving tool as an effective way of managing customer relationships. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has helped Giveawine with several campaigns by providing well-written technical product descriptions in several languages of wines or gourmet specialities.

Matthieu Lainé, project manager marketing & sales, Giveawine AG / Novadoo: "Accurate terminology in such translations is very important to us. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. manages this with flying colours. The company has become a strong and reliable partner for us. We would be happy to recommend their translation service."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Professional proofreading every time"

Luke Leonard, advertising, Jung von Matt / Limmat AG:
"We are pleased to be able to rely upon TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s highly reliable and competent translating and proofreading services."

"The quality, timing and comprehensive service are truly convincing"

Andrea Hupfer, Consultant and Project Manager at A4 Agentur: "The 150-page product catalogue for our client in the food industry is being published for the third time this year. The catalogue contains exciting and humorous narrations including background stories about products and ingredients. For the third time I commissioned TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. with translating the stories into French. The French-speaking customers once again praised this year's successful translation. The quality, timing and comprehensive service are truly convincing."

"The price calculator is a unique and efficient tool!"

Peter Plan, Managing Partner/Director of event-ex ag: “The online order option offering price quotes, a clear choice of different cost structures, and extreme simplicity is a unique and efficient tool. Even impatient people like me can have fun with it! event-ex ag stands for enthusiasm and pragmatism. The company’s portfolio covers everything from the organisation of all types of trade fairs, consulting for businesses and their briefings, marketing and sales consulting for trade fair exhibitions, trade fair concepts including marketing and PR, and business and public events to creative process optimisation workshops and moderation for in-house workshops and employee motivation.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. put just as much joy, passion and enthusiasm into its translations into French and Italian of the event-ex ag marketing and communication texts.

"Right mix of new formulations and corrections"

feelgood media gmbh had a German text for a client proofread by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. The reaction was as follows: My client was very satisfied with the corrected text. It was exactly the right mix of new formulations and corrections. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. always pays individual attention to my orders and adjusts the style to suit both my wishes and those of my clients.

Human resources, Assurances

Interpretation services for Swiss Post - TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

“Interpreters showed great professionalism and expertise

Übersetzungen in der Versicherungsbranche

“The orders were completed to our utmost satisfaction

Dolmetscherservice für Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG

«Successful event thanks to excellent interpreter»

The Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. is one of the largest insurance companies in Switzerland. It looks after the corporate and private clients of the Zurich Insurance Group in Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein. The Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. made use of the interpreting services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for an annual event. Perrin Gourdin, Marketing Manager of the Zurich Insurance Company Ltd., was impressed: «We were very satisfied with all the services provided by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Our annual event was a huge success, and the excellent quality of the interpreter definitely contributed to it.»  


"Error-free, uncomplicated and fast"

Helvetia is among the leading insurance companies in Switzerland. Insurance is all about trust. In order to reinforce this trust on a daily basis, Helvetia counts on an attractive product range, expert employees and reliable partners. When it comes to translations, Helvetia trusts the mother-tongue specialist translators at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. We were entrusted with translating the Panalpina flyer from German to English and it was done to the utmost satisfaction of our client.

Pascal Müller, head of transportation insurance, Helvetia Insurance: "Just wanted to thank you for the translation you completed for us. It was error-free, uncomplicated and fast."

Simultaneous interpreting for Suva

"We would be happy to book your simultaneous interpreters again"

Suva is the largest institution for compulsory accident insurance in Switzerland. It insures around 115,000 companies and 2 million employees against the consequences of accidents and occupational illnesses, and is an independent company under public law. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. supports Suva at events held across Switzerland with simultaneous interpreting from German into French and French into German.

Edith Bossert-Jutz, medical insurance, Suva: "Working with you is very enjoyable. Your translation company does an excellent job of interpreting. At our most recent medical insurance conference we received very positive feedback on your simultaneous interpreting. We would be happy to book your simultaneous interpreters for other occasions. Thanks a lot- to you and your interpreters."

Personal Delta AG

"We often rely on TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. and with excellent results."

Protectas SA offers comprehensive security services all over Switzerland. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. supports the company with regular translations into English, French and German. Barbara Serradji, Communications and Quality Manager at Protectas SA, is impressed by their performance: "We often rely on TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. and with excellent results. We especially appreciate the quality and rapid delivery times of the translated texts. When the opportunity presents itself, we would like to try out its interpreter services as well."

Personal Delta AG

"Superbly written and translated"

Herbert Bickel, CEO, Personal Delta AG:
"The website was superbly written and translated. We have been receiving significantly more requests from job applicants as well as from companies since setting up our new website."

Übersetzungen im HR-Bereich

"Fast, professional and top quality"

Ultimativo Consulting GmbH offers services in the HR consulting sector. Whether you are looking for interim management or external staffing management, the company provides ideal solutions for every HR department. Ultimativo Consulting GmbH experiences the “war of talents

Übersetzungen im Dienstleistungsbereich.

“Translation tailored perfectly to the target group

Beauty, Lifestyle

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Prompt and excellent work"

The Swiss Ice Skating Association (SEV) promotes general ice-skating as a high-calibre performance sport as well as a popular recreational sport. The association organises national and international competitions and championships, tests, courses, camps, skating shows and other events, and is responsible for carrying them out.

Erika Hüge, from the Swiss Ice Skating Association’s (SEV) Central Secretariat: "On behalf of the board of the SEV, I would like to thank you very, very much for you prompt, excellent work. We will definitely call upon your services again when needed."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"We count on certified translations" is one of the largest sports portals in Switzerland and is the market leader in live coverage. For translations of media reports and contracts counts on the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

Alexander Grimm, "Thank you for your quick and very good work!"

Tourism, Hotel Industry

Übersetzungen in der Tourismusbranche.

“Everything went extremely smoothly

"Reliable translation partner"

The canton of Graubünden is the ideal spot for lovely holidays. Graubünden Switzerland has now had its hiking routes, among other things, translated into English to help international guests find their way to and around Graubünden too. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was selected for the job. Orlando Bergamin, Business Development project manager, commented on the collaboration: "We are pleased to be able to count on a reliable translation partner in our dynamic tourism environment. Thanks to the professional work of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., we can now communicate directly with our international guests. This is of great value to us."

"For us there is only one translation agency"

We revise Hotel Frutt Lodge & Spa's German-language brochures and documents for the appropriate target group, before translating them into English and French. Hotel manager Ralph Treuthardt is delighted with our services: "Your copywriters and translators understand the material and put themselves in the shoes of our target audience to superb effect. This results in top-quality texts and translations. For us there is only one translation agency: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd."

"Excellently translated"

Stefan Schär, director sales & marketing, Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport:
"The hotel brochure has been excellently translated. Your translation has struck just the right note – we are completely satisfied  with your translation service."

Übersetzungen Deutsch-Französisch-Englisch-Italienisch und 20 weiteren Sprachen in Fachgebieten Wirtschaft, Marketing und Kommunikation

"Impressive in all seven languages"

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been the house translator of Zurich Tourism since the 2008 European Football Championship. We translate all of Zürich Tourism’s marketing and promotional texts in seven languages - including the website which attracts over 2.5 million visitors every year. With our professional translation and proofreading services we help Zürich Tourism to market Zürich as a tourist destination. Read articles about Zürich Tourism’s successful multilingual communication in Tagesanzeiger and NZZ.

Marianne Gut, head of communications, Zürich Tourism: "Our experience with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been very good in all languages. We also like the fact that the translations are inserted directly into InDesign."

Website-Übersetzung KNEUSS Güggeli

"We’re really impressed"

At Goodman, everything revolves around top quality, excellent taste and careful selection. This newly opened restaurant in Zurich required translations in various areas of specialisation and languages for its marketing efforts in Switzerland.

Pedro Voglstaetter, board member, Goodman Restaurant: "Customers get the best steaks in Switzerland at Goodman and we get the best translations at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. In addition, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is reliable and fast. We’re really impressed."

TRANSLATION-PROBST – Übersetzungen, Textservice, Dolmetscher

"Even when it’s a matter of urgency, the translations are flawless"

Mirjam Kälin, marketing, Hotel Uto Kulm:
"As a 4-star hotel, perfectly translated texts are a must. The quality delivered by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is impressive, even for very urgent orders. The fact that translations are added directly into the layout of our brochures is also a great service."

Logo der Stadt Baden. Übersetzungsarbeiten für die Standortförderung der Stadt Baden.

"We are very satisfied"

In various brochures, the town of Baden provides information about cultural and leisure activities, the town as a business location, and life in and around Baden. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has translated the brochures "Baden ist. Genuss, Info Guide 2011" and "Baden ist. Freizeit, Spaziergänge, Wanderungen, Ausflüge" from German into English. After translating, we made sure that the brochures could be sent to the printers free from errors with our free "ready-to-print" service.

Pia Kriese, Info Baden / Location marketing, Stadt Baden: "The translation of our brochures was extremely accurate – we are very satisfied. The free "ready-to-print" service applied to the final layout rounded off TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s attentive service."

Logo der Stadt Baden. Übersetzungsarbeiten für die Standortförderung der Stadt Baden.

"They always find the right tone"

Kontiki Reisen is the number one choice for holidays in the north and the market leader for holidays in Scandinavia and Iceland and for Arctic voyages. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been asked to translate a variety of travel brochures for the travel company. Thanks to the involvement of exclusively native-speaker translators specialising in tourism, a high level of quality is guaranteed. Ms Kathleen Campiche from Kontiki Reisen is completely satisfied with our services and the quality we deliver.

Law, Justice, Administration

"Website translations directly in CMS"

"TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. translated our website not only reliably, accurately and quickly, but they also inserted all the text into our CMS thanks to their technical expertise. In this way, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. saved us a great deal of work. Furthermore, we appreciate working with them because of their professionalism and flexible cooperation with us." Communication Office of the Cantonal Government and Canton of Zug, Marilena Amato Mengis (deputy communications officer)

Übersetzungen im rechtlichen Bereich.

"We would gladly recommend TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd."

As one of Switzerland's most successful law firms dealing with commercial law, Walder Wyss works with national and international companies, public companies and family businesses as well as with public bodies and private individuals. Linguistic comprehension is vital for legal proceedings. As the highest level of quality and a flawless interpretation of legal terminology is required, Walder Wyss relied on two court interpreters from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. for a two-day arbitration procedure. The arbitration was interpreted consecutively from German and Italian into English. Michael Cartier from Walder Wyss, who acted as arbitrator during the proceeding, had this to say: "Precise interpreting is absolutely indispensable for an arbitration with a verbatim transcript. The interpreters from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. impressed us with a clear interpretation of the technical and business terms. The flexibility of the interpreters in terms of time was also appreciated, as a cross-examination lasted long into the evening. We would gladly recommend this highly-efficient interpreting agency."

Übersetzungen im rechtlichen Bereich.

«A reliable partner even under tight time constraints»

MNP Avocats is a Swiss-Russian law firm with offices in Geneva and Moscow. The firm specialises in commercial law and provides legal advice to international clients. Translations are often required in several languages and must not only have flawless legal terminology but also be delivered within very short deadlines. David Providoli, a lawyer with MNP Avocats, commented: «The legal terminology was translated very well. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. proved to be a reliable partner even under tight time constraints.»

Übersetzungen im rechtlichen Bereich.

«Better and more attentive than other translation companies»

Schaub Hochl Rechtsanwälte is a specialist law firm with its headquarters in Winterthur and offers comprehensive services in the areas of family, inheritance, tenancy and real estate law. When it comes to translations, the law firm places a high priority on technical precision and the correct use of legal terminology. Karin Hochl, lawyer, lic. iur. HSG, says: «The translation delivered by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. fulfilled our high quality standards. The service was friendly and professional. We will certainly be using the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. in the future as well.»

«Cost transparency and very good quality in terms of content»

The Swiss Water Association or VSA is the professional Swiss association for water pollution control and further development of sustainable integral water management. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. regularly translates a wide range of documents for the VSA in the field of water pollution control which are intended to help it to achieve its objectives. Here is what Jürg Gasser, Head of Apprenticeships and In-Service Training, says about the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.: «We appreciate the cost transparency prior to placing the order and are impressed by the rapid response times and very good quality in terms of content. Dealing with a direct contact partner is very pleasant, and the promised deadlines are met without exception.»

"Our annual report was excellently translated"

We translated the 2009 and 2010 annual reports for the Jacobs Foundation, based in Seefeld in Zürich. We have also translated press releases and communiqués from German to English and English to German.  Delivery times for texts are between one and five working days.

Alexandra Delvenakiotis, communications officer, Jacobs Foundation: "I am very pleased with your translations! The translation of our annual report is particularly good. You can see that the translation has been conscientiously produced. Thanks to you there have been no misunderstandings in this year’s report."

"Competent, fast and reliable"

Verena Thoma, Notaries of Winterthur:
"TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. offers a competent, fast and reliable translation service that we would gladly recommend. We often count on TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., especially for legal documents."

Juristische Übersetzungen für die MSM Group

"Completely satisfied for years"

Dr. Jürg Martin, CEO, MSM Group:
"We have used TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s translation service for years and we are completely satisfied with it. So satisfied, that we recommend TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to our foreign business partners. We know that we can rely on their translations, which is particularly important in the case of legal texts."

Lifestyle and luxury

Übersetzungen im Bereich Luxus und Lifestyle

“Rapid and professional handling of texts – even in exotic languages

Sport and culture

Swiss Football League

«A high level of flexibility and a smooth booking – we are very satisfied»

The Swiss Football League SFL is involved in the promotion of football in Switzerland, organising non-amateur football, upholding the common interests of its members and organising the competition at the level of the two highest leagues. Its members include the 10 clubs of the Super League (formerly the NLA) and the 10 clubs of the Challenge League (formerly the NLB). The SFL booked a specialist interpreter from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to ensure a high-quality simultaneous interpreting service (German to French) during a sports event in Lucerne with participants from French-speaking Switzerland. Ms Nadine Burri, secretary of the management at Swiss Football League SFL, comments: «The assignment required flexibility on all sides. Booking the interpreter was smooth and the interpreting service was impeccable. The translator worked efficiently, bringing the necessary specialist expertise and interest for the subject: She comes with specialist expertise, efficiency as well as curiosity. We are very satisfied and will be pleased to consider TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. again for future events.»

Specialist translators

Our specialist translators translate your texts in the following areas of expertise:

advertising, business, communications, computer science, education, energy, environment, finance, food, human resources, industry, IT, insurance, law, lifestyle, management, marketing, medicine, nature, pharmaceuticals, public relations, sports, technology, tourism, watches.

Our specialist translators translate your texts into the following languages:

Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French (France), French (Switzerland), German (Germany), German (Switzerland), Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian (Italy), Italian (Switzerland), Latvian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

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  • advertising
  • business
  • communications
  • computer science
  • education
  • energy
  • environment
  • finance
  • food
  • human resources
  • industry
  • IT
  • insurance
  • law
  • lifestyle
  • management
  • marketing
  • medicine
  • nature
  • pharmaceuticals
  • public relations
  • sports
  • technology
  • tourism
  • watches

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