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We offer translations, editing and texts with a quality guarantee, express delivery and a best price guarantee.  We also have Switzerland’s fastest price calculator, thanks to which customers can calculate the price of their translation or text in 20 seconds. The press is also impressed:

Technicis Buys Switzerland's TRANSLATION-PROBST AG

Technicis in First Acquisition Since PE Deal, Buys Switzerland’s TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.
Paris-based language service provider (LSP) Technicis is adding a team of 30 to its current headcount of 150. On July 1, 2016, the company announced it had acquired Switzerland’s TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Read more on SLATOR.

ORGANISATOR and TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. invite you to an evening of football
ORGANISATOR, the magazine for SMEs, and the Winterthur-based translation company are organising a public viewing together, during which decision-makers and marketeers can talk about more than just football. Find out more  on our website or in the article in our newsletter

Übersetzung für den öffentlichen Verkehr

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. translates ZVV homepage
The website of the Zurich Transport Network is now also available in English. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. made it happen by translating the entire website. Find out how the ZVV ended up choosing TRANSLATION-PROBT Ltd. and what the reaction has been from the target consumer groups by reading the article in the Klein Report (in German).

Auszeichnung SDL Trados

Case study: Accurate translations for online marketing
During an interview with M&K, Roman Probst described the challenges in the translation sector, the solutions he has already prepared for them and which topics and innovations are currently being discussed in the industry. You can read the entire interview with M&K here.

Auszeichnung SDL Trados

Roman Probst provides information in M&K
As one of the exhibitors at the Swiss Online Marketing exhibition 2016, Roman Probst was asked about the trends in on-line marketing and the highlights for visitors to SOM. You can read more about it in the article in M&K.

Übersetzungen im Öffentlichen Verkehr

Website translation for Zurich Transport Network (ZVV) 
The Zurich Transport Network moves 620 million passengers each year. It is obvious that not all of these travellers speak German, so TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was called upon to translate the ZVV website. Read the Werbewoche report to find out about the main requirements for this job.

Übersetzungen in der Marketing-Branche

Website translation for the Zurich Transport Network (ZVV)
The Zurich Transport Network is the largest public transport association in the canton of Zurich and brings together more than 50 transport companies. A multilingual website is crucial to its success. For this reason, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was asked to translate the website professionally and with a quality guarantee. The deputy communications manager gave a very positive review of the results. You can find out more in the persönlich article.

Übersetzungen in der Nahrungsmittelbranche

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. named lead agency for Migros
After an extensive test phase TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been selected as the lead translation agency for the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. The Winterthur company mainly provides translations that must be delivered quickly or outside business hours as well as translations into more ‘exotic’ languages. Find out more in the Werbewoche article.

Auszeichnung von SDL Trados

Special recognition from SDL Trados for TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.
The Winterthur translation company is the first translation agency in Switzerland to receive special recognition from SDL Trados. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has proven that it possesses the latest technology and can employ Trados tools effectively and efficiently on behalf of its customers. Read more about it in the Blickpunkt KMU article in German.

Auszeichnung SDL Trados

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. recognised by SDL Trados
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is Switzerland’s first translation company to be recognised by SDL Trados. Using SDL Trados tools means terminology can be translated uniformly, which greatly improves the quality of translations. You can read more about it in the M&K article in German.

Auszeichnung von SDL Trados

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. receives special recognition from SDL Trados
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is the first translation company in Switzerland to be recognised by SDL Trados. This shows that the company and its employees know how to employ Trados tools efficiently and effectively so that customers can benefit from them. You can read more about it in the article in German.

Auszeichnung von SDL Trados

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. recognised by SDL Trados
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is the first translation company in Switzerland to be recognised by SDL Trados. This special recognition confirms that TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.’s employees possess above-average skills in employing Trados tools and can thus use them to benefit customers by offering uniform and premium-quality translations. You can read more about it in the Walliser Zeitung article in German.

Übersetzungen in der Marketing-Branche

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is the lead translation agency for the Federation of Migros Cooperatives
The Winterthur translation company assists Migros’ in-house translation department with translations that must be completed extremely quickly or outside regular business hours. It also provides professional translators capable of working with ‘exotic’ languages. Find out more in the report from Persönlich.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. expands its copywriting service
With the demand for accurate web and marketing texts increasing steadily, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has expanded its copywriting service. The latest addition is Predrag Jurisic. Learn more about this passionate copywriter and designer in the article featured in Klein Report.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. serves as a practical example for the PostFinance AG newsletter
We first appeared in the KU Magazin and now have also been featured in the PostFinance AG online newsletter. As part of a practical example feature, Roman Probst, founder and CEO of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., provides an insight into his management strategy. Find out more in the PostFinance AG newsletter.

New customer acquisition: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. now translates for Volg
With the acquisition of Volg, the Winterthur translation company is adding another customer in the retail sector. CEO Roman Probst: “The competition among retailers is very keen, which makes quality extremely important. This applies not just to bread and milk but to advertising messages too, so I think it’s brilliant that Volg has chosen us as their translation partner.

Impress your target groups with translated annual reports 
An annual report is one of the most important documents to help potential customers form an image of your company. This makes it essential to have reports translated into the languages of your target groups – with special attention paid to corporate language and the correct use of terminology. Find out more in our specialist article featured in the “Marketing & Kommunikation

Professional and personal success thanks to accurate translations
What does TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. have to offer? Why are translations useful and what should you look out for when it comes to ordering one?


Case study: The management philosophy of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.
What skills do managers need in SMEs? The ku Magazin is devoting its November edition to this and other questions on the topic of leadership. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is serving as a case study. Roman Probst, founder and CEO, explains to the ku Magazin what takes priority when managing his staff and how he creates win-win situations.

Customer growth: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. translates for Werbeweischer
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was able to win over Werbeweischer as a client after a test phase lasting several weeks. The cinema marketer now relies on TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to translate a variety of communication materials into French and Italian. You can read more about it in the Werbewoche article in German.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. now translates for Volg
With the goal of increasing its brand presence in French-speaking Switzerland, Volg Konsumwaren AG now has its texts translated by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Find out what the head of communication/PR at Volg has to say about the partnership in the German-language article by Blickpunkt KMU.

Übersetzungen in der HR-Branche

The ideal specialists thanks to accurate translations
Searching for the right people to hire is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, it is even more vital to increase the reach of your target group and also look for potential applicants in other countries. On the Adecco blog, you can read how translations can come in handy in the HR sector.

Übersetzungen in der Marketing-Branche

Another pitch victory: WerbeWeischer trusts TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.
After a test phase lasting several weeks, we have succeeded in winning over WerbeWeischer. After establishing itself in German-speaking Switzerland, WerbeWeischer now wants to make inroads to French-speaking western Switzerland and requires translations for the marketing and communication sectors. Read more about it in the report from Persönlich.

Smooth construction work thanks to accurate interpreters
German-speaking and Italian-speaking workers came together to build the Gotthard Base Tunnel. You can read in the Klein Report how interpreters helped overcome language barriers so that the construction of the Base Tunnel could continue smoothly.

Website übersetzen

Inspire customers with accurately translated brochures
Two things are essential for a flyer, brochure or any other printed product: the design and text. We have developed a special service which allows us to directly work on translations in InDesign.  This means our customers can save both time and money. Read the Article in Publisher and learn how you can benefit from it.

Website übersetzen

Case study: More turnover due to website translation
Gloomy economic forecasts and a strong Swiss franc are plaguing the tourism sector. Instead of moaning and groaning, Rigi Bahnen AG is moving forward at full speed and has had its website translated by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. The translated website was one reason why this tourism-dependent company enjoyed record turnover in 2014. Read the case study from Marketing & Communication and find out why the website hit the bull's-eye with its target group. relies on services from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.
After a test phase lasting several months, – the largest on-line auction platform in Switzerland – has chosen TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. as its language services provider. The translation company from Winterthur beat off two other translation agencies for the position. It will be delivering translation services for a range of text types such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, banners and website texts. Find out more by reading the article in Persönlich. trusts the services of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has acquired another major client with The translation company had to beat off two other competitors and complete a trial period of several months. The results convinced the operator of Switzerland's largest on-line auction platform. Find out more in the article at

Accuracy in the translation market: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. introduces itself
Competitors used to laugh at Roman Probst, founder and CEO of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., for his three-hour express service. Today, the translation company in Winterthur receives orders for urgent translations from those very same competitors. In this interview with Klein Report Roman Probst tells the inside story and reveals a few of the secrets of his success.

An increase in turnover growth of 25% for TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. recorded a 25% increase in turnover in the first half of 2015. This was achieved as a result of various endeavours on the part of the translation company, such as optimised customer service and improved IT infrastructure. You can read more about it in the article.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is on the road to success
In the first half of 2015, we not only met our target – we surpassed it: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. recorded an increase in turnover of 25%, due in part to optimised customer service and high calibre client acquisitions. Read more about it in the Blickpunkt KMU article.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is celebrating its 10-year anniversary
Founded in a shared student apartment with a starting capital of just CHF 5000, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has more than 20 employees today. On 11 June 2015 together with our customers, we raised our glasses to celebrate 10 years of accuracy and Swiss quality. Guests were then given a very special souvenir to take home. You can find out more about it in the post under Marketing+Kommunikation.

Record turnover thanks to an accurate translation
Despite a tough market environment in the tourism sector, the company Rigi Bahnen achieved a record turnover in 2014 – thanks in part to the accurate translation of its website, accomplished by TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Find out which success factors were decisive by reading the article published online in Persönlich.

Intercultural adaptation
Anyone who wants to be successful in the area of e-commerce has to tailor the wording and design of their on-line marketing to their target market. That is the only way to be found by Google and achieve a top ranking. Accurate translations play a central role in this process. In the blog posting by Oxide eSales, Roman Probst explains what is key when it comes to intercultural adaptation.

The SDV Awards honour the best dialogue marketing implementations. The Swiss Dialogue Marketing Association relies on TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. to proofread its advertising texts related to the awards. Read more about it in the article in Werbewoche.

Competitive advantages through video interpreting
Multilingualism has long since become a given throughout all company departments. Often, however, it can lead to communication difficulties and misunderstandings. In the best practice article in the Jahrbuch Marketing + Kommunikation, you can read how video interpreting can also help your company to save money and create competitive advantages.

The Swiss Contractors’ Association relies on translations from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.
The key to successful corporate communication is that all target groups are addressed in the language specific to their branch. This is the immense challenge when it comes to translations for the Swiss Contractors’ Association. Despite very short deadlines at times, the texts must hit the bull’s-eye for each target group. In this Werbewoche article you will find out what the vice-director and head of Policy & Communication for the Swiss Contractors’ Association has to say about our translations.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.'s internal communication concept hits the bull's-eye at the Goldene Feder awards
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.'s internal communication concept was declared the third-best entry at the presentation of the Goldene Feder. With this  performance, the translation company from Winterthur provides an excellent example of how start-ups can combine agility and dynamism with professional management. Read more about it in the article at

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. translates for the Swiss Association of Builders
Companies with various target groups in different specialist  areas need translations that hit the nail right on the head. Find out what the vice-director and head of Policy & Communication for the Swiss Association of Builders has to say about the results of our translation work in the article featured in Persönlich.

Nomination for the “Goldene Feder

E-commerce: Interview with CEO Roman Probst
E-commerce is currently a hot  topic – especially if you want to establish your company on international markets. Roman Probst explains the role that accurate translations and texts play for on-line shops in an interview with OXID eSales magazine.

Absolute accuracy at EMEX'14  
A large wooden table in the shape of Switzerland and printed with a map of the world was the Eyecatcher of SuisseEMEX'14. The challenge: Hit a nail into the target market with just three blows. Those who succeeded won a gold bullion coin – because accurate translations are worth their weight in gold. Persönlich reported on how trade show visitors responded to this message.

Hitting the nail on the head
At SuisseEMEX'14, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. succeeded in presenting its accurate services in a fun and entertaining manner. Whoever was able to hit a nail into the target market with just three blows was given a gold bullion coin to take home – very appropriate for the «golden» theme of the TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. trade show presence, which also resulted in a high recognition value for the booth. Read more about it in the newsletter from Marketing+Kommunikation

Trade article in the UnternehmerZeitung
In order for translated texts to appeal directly to potential customers, they must take into consideration local and cultural differences – especially the ones that exist within the same language. Learn more in the trade article published in the UnternehmerZeitung.

Another revenue increase
Great news! During the first half of 2014, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. once again achieved a significant increase in revenues, which will enable the company to hire more staff and expand its office premises. Read more about it in the Startup-Ticker.

Switzerland Tourism aims for accuracy 
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has been part of the member network of Switzerland Tourism since the beginning of July 2014. This enables other organisations that collaborate with Switzerland Tourism, such as hotels, mountain railway companies, tourism regions and even export-oriented businesses, to profit from top-quality translations as well. Read the background story in the article featured in

Translations for the Swiss tourism industry 
Whether it is a website, brochure or flyer, customer communications tailored to a specific target group are fundamental for the Swiss tourism industry. For this reason, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is now part of the Switzerland Tourism member network. Read more about TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. and Switzerland Tourism on the news portal of

C’est le ton qui fait la musique 
Switzerland Tourism has a strong network of partners and members – and aims to market the tourism mecca of Switzerland abroad. Since translations and advertising texts play a key role in this, Switzerland Tourism entered into a membership agreement with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. on 1st July 2014. Read more about it in Werbewoche

Specialist article in the Swiss Online Marketing Magazine
Companies that use their customers' native language on their website have a greater chance of being found by Google searches. However, that is only one side of the coin – it is just as important for your website to present the benefits your company offers its customers. More about customer benefits in the specialist article at

Further growth and a new contract
In order to translate a text, you need more than just the relevant  language skills. Intuition and familiarity with  local culture are also essential. Whereas an American would describe the storage area in the back of a car as a "trunk", a Brit calls it a "boot". Therefore, it is fundamental that a translator translates not just language but also culture and emotions. In his article, Roman Probst explains how strongly Swiss standard German is influenced by Helvetisms, and that quality translations always pay for themselves in the end.

On-line marketing for the tourism sector
In the article entitled “Website translations essential for tourism

Writing and translating headlines that hit the mark
Find out how to write and formulate the most fitting headlines for both your target group and search engines in the most recent specialist article by Roman Probst at

Ricoh Switzerland newly added to portfolio
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. increases its revenues by 25 percent compared to the same quarter last year and wins an additional translation contract from Ricoh Switzerland Ltd. 

Stable growth and more contracts
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. displays renewed revenue growth: The Winterthur-based translation company increased its revenue in the first quarter by 25 percent compared to the same quarter last year. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. counts more than 2,000 companies amongst its clients:

Further growth and a new contract
A 25-percent revenue increase and a new contract: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. starts off the first quarter of 2014 with a bang by winning the entire corporate translation contract from Ricoh Switzerland Ltd. Find out more in the report at

Canton Zug now has its website in 14 languages
What prompted a canton to translate its homepage into 13 languages? And how did TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. carry out this project smoothly and efficiently? Find the answers in the article featured in “Klein Report

The linguistic elements which matter most for business reports
are writing reports that will convince all of your stakeholders, convey a realistic picture of your company and portray a positive overall message - which is a challenging task. In our article published on the Marketing-Börse platform, you can find out which elements of linguistic style matter most when it comes to writing and translating business reports.

Germany wants to know how Swiss cantons and public officials communicate with one another
The Marketing-Börse, the largest German-language specialised on-line directory for marketing, published our article via its portal in which we describe how we translated the Canton of Zug's website. If you happened to miss the story, which has appeared in numerous Swiss media, you can read the article now at:

Successful location marketing thanks to a  multilingual website
Why is the Canton of Zug having its website translated into 14 languages? Find out in the current M+K report (in German) about the effects of this proactive communications role being taken by the Zug government.

A 30% increase in turnover. Two more awards
2013 was a triple positive for TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., with a 30% increase in turnover, top customer evaluations and two more awards. Find out why the awards were received in the current article at (in German).

A 30% increase in turnover for TRANSLATION-PROBST
Three successes: With a 30% increase in turnover, even better customer evaluations and two more awards, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is looking to the future with confidence. More views and reviews at (in German).

Improved customer evaluations. Two more awards
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. experienced a 30% increase in turnover in 2013 and was excited to be the proud recipient of two more awards. Find out about the awards received in this article from (in German).

Improved customer evaluations. Two more awards. A 30% increase in turnover
New awards, new top customer evaluations, new increase in turnover: 2013 was a successful year for TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. Read more at

Website translated into 14 languages
Overall added value: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. achieves increased turnover, top customer evaluations and two more awards. Read more at XING (in German).

Targeted website translations that attract tourists
Our current best-case article has made it into the "Jahrbuch Marketing 2014" (2014 Marketing Yearbook).
In this age of fierce competition, it is crucially important for the tourism sector to successfully reach its target audiences within their own linguistic-cultural environment. This requires translators who speak the language of the target audience and are also familiar with the highlights and benefits of the tourism destination and can convey them perfectly using the right keywords to achieve the best search engine results. Read now.

Website translations crucial in tourism sector
In our current case study in "Marketing+Kommunikation" magazine, learn how the Swiss tourism sector can still attract more tourists despite high prices, a strong franc and fewer tourists overall.

Clear language creates clear recognition
Clear language creates clear recognition What does terminology have to do with industry? Read our specialist article about terminology in the annual main edition of the Swiss "Maschinenbau" trade magazine to find out. As one of the three leading Swiss magazines in the industrial sector, it reports on new and improved technologies, techniques and processing methods as well as peripheral specialised areas for trade and industrial processing and engineering.

Advertorial in the NZZ on the topic of Content Marketing
Credibility and trust are fundamental cornerstones for successful customer communication. Relevant content is key for developing these two values. The positive side effect: High-quality content is appreciated not just by customers but by search engines as well. You can find out what makes good content and how you can optimise yours in our current advertorial in the NZZ.

Content creates credibility – and attracts customers
Everyone knows that knowledge is power. Those who share their knowledge with their (potential) customers become even more powerful – thanks to the credibility and trust created. In this ultra-competitive age, sometimes the deciding factor is simply a nuance – and it is often based on content. Find out how successful content marketing works and why it will increase your credibility by reading the current guest article by Roman Probst written for ONE Schweiz – the trade fair for online solutions and web business.

Number one in the translation sector since 2012
Awards, double-digit growth rates, and now an invitation to the PwC Accelerator's "Local to Global" Expo presentation: One superlative follows the next. Find out why TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is number one in the translation sector and why PwC has extended an exclusive invitation to participate in the "Local to Global" Expo presentation in Luxembourg on 24 October 2013 at

PwC Accelerator's "Local to Global" Expo presentation: TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. will be there
TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. will be among the 20 selected companies in Luxembourg on 24 October 2013 when innovative businesses with expansion potential present themselves to international investors, globally-active firms and prestigious universities.

Find out why TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was chosen in the current article at

Leader in the translation branch since 2012
Awards, double-digit growth and now an invitation to PwC Accelerator's "Local to Global" Expo presentation: one superlative is following the next. Find out the reasons why TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is the leader in the translation sector and why it has been invited by PwC as an exclusive participant in the “Local to Global

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. on an international stage
As a former start-up company, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is pleased that the Startup-Ticker is reporting how Roman Probst wants to convince an international committee composed of potential investors, partners and globally-active companies of his expansion strategy.

Find out how the online price calculator became a success model for TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. in the Startup-Ticker

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. joins the leaders
Twenty select companies have been chosen to participate in this year’s PwC Accelerator's "Local to Global" Expo presentation and TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is right up there with the leaders. Roman Probst, along with his team, will be making a presentation in Luxembourg on 24 October 2013 to international investors, globally-active companies and prestigious universities.

Find out why TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was chosen in the current article at

Content is what counts
Whether you are dealing with a customer or a search engine – the right content is playing an ever-increasing role. Classic advertising has long had its day. Find out how companies can successfully design their customer communication accordingly in the current article in the ORGANISATOR.  

No success without content
Expectations are rising – among both customers and search engines. Increasingly relevant content is required that can answer the burning questions of your target groups right off the bat. Find out what good content looks like and what you need to keep in mind for content marketing in the current article by Roman Probst in the Marketing & Kommunikation magazine. 

How to impress Google and your customers
We provide you with the precise multilingual web texts that you need. Read our article in "Marketing & Kommunikation" magazine to find out how professional specialist translations impress Google and customers thanks to outstanding terminology service, cultural adaptations and SEO.

Excellent advertising, corporate language and accurate translations
Are witty slogans and a large advertising budget enough to reach your target audience with the core message of your brand, products and company? Hardly. Roman Probst, CEO of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., explains in this interview how he conveys target-group-oriented messages into more than 30 languages and what, in his opinion, is the key to excellent advertising.

TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. continues its success story
Read our Marketing & Communication newsletter to find out why TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is growing so strongly and which target markets are moving into focus.

From start-up to certified translation company
What do you need to become one of the top translation companies in Switzerland and the only translation company to receive the CTI Label from the Swiss Confederation? Read our success story in the newspaper "Oltner Tagblatt".

The future is crossmedial
Where is digitalisation taking us? Roman Probst provides a glimpse of the communication options of the future during an interview with Messe Frankfurt. During the discussion, the amalgamation of media and the crossmedial use of media were given centre stage.

Read the complete interview on the Messe Frankfurt blog.

Translating in InDesign
How brilliant would it be if we translated your text directly in the existing layout? At TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., translations in InDesign are not just a future dream but a present reality. Our translators translate directly in your InDesign document! This process is enabled by the compatibility between InDesign and the SDL Trados translation software. Your advantage: You save time and money. Find out how, what and why in our specialist article in "Marketing & Kommunikation" magazine.

The wifimaku principle

The wifimaku principle – the new online portal created by marketing experts for anyone who has always wanted to be one. The content on is constantly updated and made available in a variety of formats (e-books, tablet, print). The website offers an extensive range of information covering all relevant topics relating to online marketing. Learn more about strategies for success and take advantage of the expertise supplied by specialist authors, one of whom is Roman Probst.

Golden fair days at SuisseEMEX’12
What is a translation company doing at SuisseEMEX’12? For the seventh time in a row? – Motivating potential customers to interact with existing customers. We had Professor Tell along last year as an attraction, which won us the distinction of "Eyecatcher" from the fair organisers. This year we sent Professor Tell on a language trip. Read more about it in the newsletter from Marketing & Communication.

Excited visitors at SuisseEMEX’12
Innovative, fresh and dynamic -  The team from TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. were brilliant in their golden outfits at Switzerland’s largest trade fair. Find out more about the three exciting days of the fair here.


Why the right wording ensures success
Do you want to stay one step ahead of your competition? Create trust and a high degree of recognition for your company? If your marketing department has powerful wording and effective terminology management, you are on the right path! Read more about this recipe for success.

Keep up to date with
Exactly seven years ago, Roman Probst founded TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., which was awarded the "Students-to-Business Prize" in 2006 as "Best Entrepreneur". During the past five years, the translation company has grown an average of 40% annually, necessitating a move in July 2012 to relocate the entire operation to an open-plan office space. Read more about this success story and keep up to date with! is a news platform for the Swiss start-up scene. It provides news in three languages about entrepreneurs from all sectors and from all over Switzerland.

Want to know what took place at the Swiss Online Marketing trade fair?
Swiss Online Marketing 2012 was once again the trade fair where all the marketing leaders gathered to see and discuss the latest trends in online marketing. Stimulating podium discussions and interesting conversations at exhibitors’ booths enlivened the enjoyable fair ambience and made a significant contribution to its success.

You can find out what else happened at the Swiss Online Marketing trade fair in the article

Job applications that stand out from the field
Professionally translated documents always make a good impression on the company receiving them because they show that job applicants have gone the extra mile to ensure that their job applications conform to the accepted norms in the country where they are applying. This will, of course, also increase their chances of being hired.

You can learn more about what you should pay special attention to when it comes to job applications and interviews in the specialist article "Your ticket to a dream job abroad" by Roman Probst, who wrote it for a Swiss HR agency.


Five concrete tips from professional copywriters
Have you ever asked yourself what type of texts could help you win customers and increase sales?
In the current edition of the "Marketing & Communication" trade magazine, Roman Probst shares five concrete and practical tips to accomplish this.


Which texts appeal to customers – which do not?
Find out why not only professional competence but also appropriate language create trust and credibility with potential clients in the technical article by Roman Probst in the current issue of the journal "Marketing & Kommunikation".


Would you like to know about the kind of texts that will help you win customers?
What are the hallmarks of a good marketing text? How can you ensure that your message reaches your various target groups? What is important to keep in mind when adapting texts for other languages and countries? What role can search engines such as Google play in acquiring new customers?
Read the answers in the Xing news article im Xing news article by Roman Probst and Beat Z’graggen. It will also give you a foretaste of what to expect during their presentation at the Online Forum at SuisseEMEX’11.


25% increase in turnover thanks to quality guarantee and internet
By making the most of its attractive quality guarantee and express delivery options, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. has succeeded in achieving a leading position among corporate customers in particular within the Swiss market. Using targeted internet marketing strategies, turnover in the first half of 2011 increased by a further 25% compared to the previous year.
Read the article about the TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. success story in the ERFOLG business newspaper.

Why not learn Russian?

Why not learn Russian?
Roman Probst: In order to conquer a market, you must speak the language of the customer. Read more in 24heures.

Read about how Roman Probst became a successful entrepreneur in FH SCHWEIZ.

The basis of success
Roman Probst, founder and CEO of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., credits his university education in journalism and organisational communication with providing the scientific tools necessary for the development of his leading translation company. When the company was founded in 2005, he made customer focus, exceptional software and high standards of quality his top priorities. Read about how Roman Probst became a successful entrepreneur in FH SCHWEIZ.

SuisseEMEX interviews Roman Probst

Corporate Language in marketing translations
SuisseEMEX interviews Roman Probst, CEO of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., about innovations and trends among translation service providers.

Article in "KMU-Magazin 4/11"

Why Corporate Language is critical to the success of an SME
Every company has its "own language" that develops over time. It shapes brand recognition, builds confidence, increases positioning in search engines and is therefore critical to the success of a company. Constructing a standardised terminology in all languages is particularly worthwhile for an SME. Read the article in "KMU-Magazin".


How does speaking the language of your customers pay off? 
Read Bilan magazine’s interview with Roman Probst.

Publireportage im Marketing & Kommunikation 3/11

Standardised communication – the importance of Corporate Language
The difference between "customers" and "clientele" and how TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. can help you with inconsistent terminology for free. Read the report about it in "Marketing & Kommunikation" magazine.


Success story
Interview with Roman Probst, CEO of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.: a successful entrepreneur thanks to university education.

How do businesses in the export and tourism industries achieve success? FREITAG relies on Swiss values, fashionable collections as well as sophisticated marketing, and forecasts growth of 20-25% in 2010.
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FH SWITZERLAND, the ZHAW alumni organisation and the Columni network for IAM graduates offer their members the benefit of specially selected deals from companies such as Xing, Mobiliar or TRANSLATION-PROBST. Read more in the Services section

Professor Tell has conquered SuisseEMEX: at TRANSLATION-PROBST's stand (4.333) you can fire an authentic crossbow and win a translation. Read the SuisseEMEX blog article

25% annual growth:
Read why TRANSLATION-PROBST saw annual growth of 25% despite the financial crisis.

«Immer die richtigen Worte finden»

"Find the right words every time" Roman Probst talks to EMEX about future challenges and what constitutes a good translation.

"Die Sprache der Kunden sprechen"

"Speak the language of the customer" If a business wants to succeed, it needs translations that are adapted to the target group.

Read more in our blog post: "Translations that cater for the target audience"

The organizers of the SuisseEMEX trade fair are promoting Professor Tell and skills with the crossbow at the stand of TRANSLATION-PROBST.

Radio report about TRANSLATION-PROBST

Radio report: International companies are bracing themselves for swine flu and urgently need good translations to keep their employees informed. The TRANSLATION-PROBST agency has its order books full.

Innovation makes for good customer service.

Swiss IT Magazine: Innovation makes for good customer service. The Swiss IT Magazine chose TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. as a case study in streamlined work-flow and increased efficiency.

Company portrait of TRANSLATION-PROBST

Company portrait: Within four years we have grown to have 500 clients, two branch offices, eleven full-time employees and an international network of over 300 specialist translators. How did this happen? Read more in the Technopark house journal.

"Networking with the best"

"Networking with the best" Networking tips from Roman Probst in Inline, the Swiss business college alumni magazine.

Free text checking service

Free text checking service How well has your text been translated? TRANSLATION-PROBST offers free website checking for businesses in the travel and tourism industry.

"Deal of the day"

"Deal of the day" TRANSLATION-PROBST is your best resource for translating or proof-reading job applications and supporting documentation. The Blick newspaper reports.

"A bright outlook at the bottom line"

"A bright outlook at the bottom line" How quality, reliability, client focus and transparent pricing helped us turn from a start-up company to a success story.

Translators with a background in tourism

Translators with a background in tourism Why we are the right translation agency for the tourism industry – specialist knowledge, speedy service, flexibility and professional layout for the finished work.

"KMU-Magazin": the innovative online software of the TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. agency represents an added value for customers.

"TRANSLATION-PROBST winner of the student prize"

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