Quality management through revision

Our processes are designed to deliver high levels of quality and satisfaction – without red tape or long waiting times. We only use qualified professionals with university degrees, subject-specific knowledge and professional experience.

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1. Calculate the price in 20 seconds

Not only does TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. have Switzerland’s fastest price calculator, it also has the shortest delivery times. We can deliver your proofread documents and texts within 3 hours. Get an online quote for your proofreading now or send us an e-mail with the text that you wish to be translated.

At TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. you do not need to worry about costs. There are no minimum fees and we work in all languages at a fixed price. You can pay by invoice or credit card.

2. Selection process based on the briefing

To ensure that your texts meet the strict demands of our quality guarantee, we carefully select the right text professional from our pool of qualified editors, correctors, copywriters and professors/lecturers. We want to make certain that the corrector, editor or copywriter who corrects or writes your text possesses the most appropriate expertise and is best acquainted with your target audience. We also choose the most suitable person when it comes to the secondary correction of your text by a professor/lecturer – all of which is included in the translation price.

We ask that you supply the necessary details in the briefing so we can guarantee that your message is delivered to your target audience precisely and effectively.

Your texts will always be handled by the same team of editor/corrector/copywriter and professor/lecturer, thus enabling us to ensure the highest possible degree of consistency in all the texts and corrections done for your company.

3. Terminology service

Your specific terminology is used in all proofreading of your texts. This increases the clarity of your translation and makes it more comprehensible for your target audience.

Please send us your terminology list. If your company does not yet have guidelines on corporate wording, we will compile a corporate terminology list for you, free of charge upon request. Contact us now by e-mail or by telephone +41 840 123 456 – we will be happy to advise you. This ensures consistent translations with no extra costs.

4. Proofreading by reviser

Your text will be processed by a qualified, native-speaking text professional who is familiar with your sector and your business. The specialist proofreader will keep your specific communication needs in mind and take into account the characteristics of your target groups. The style and register are carried over appropriately into the desired language.

5. Quality control by professor/lecturer

After the careful revision of your text by a text professional, a professor/lecturer will check the processed text. This proofreading guarantees the highest level of quality as well as complete accuracy and is included in the price.

6. "Ready-to-print" service / "Final check before online publishing"

Is your text going to be printed or published online? Whether it is a brochure, website, newsletter or video, you can benefit from our free of charge "ready-to-print" service or a "final check before online publishing" to make sure that no errors have slipped in during the implementation of your text.

7. Delivery

At TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd., your data is completely secure and confidential. Therefore, we do not send finished documents by e-mail. Instead, we provide you with access to our secure server where you can download them. Firstly, this prevents your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. And secondly both of us know when your texts have been received.

8. Quality guarantee

Our quality guarantee applies to all of our translations. If you are not satisfied with a translation or any other service, you will receive your money back.

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