Data security is a high priority for us

Do you have some confidential documents that you would like to have translated? We have taken a number of precautions to ensure that your data is bomb-proof.

Protection against unauthorised access

For hackers, there are many ways of getting at confidential data. To protect ourselves against them, we have two professionally managed firewalls and two Internet connections. If one firewall fails, the other one automatically takes over. We also have two in-house servers which are accommodated in a closed server room at our offices. Only certain people have access to that room. 

Demilitarised zone

In order to be able to offer our clients even greater security, we have also invested in an SFTP server (Secure File Transfer Protocol). This is located in a demilitarised zone (DMZ), where internal and external data come together in a protected environment. That is to say, you are given password-protected access to load your encrypted documents on to the SFTP server and we will then be able to receive them in a secure environment. 

Protection against data loss

When it comes to our clients' data, we always play it safe. The fact that we have two servers means that your data cannot get lost,  because if one of them fails, the second one replaces it immediately, with no interruption. All data is backed up twice a day,  once as a backup at our own computer centre, and again at a specially secured Swiss computer centre belonging to our IT partner.  The data is encrypted for storage and only certain people at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. know the key. Thanks to the external backup, your data is protected in the event of circumstances of force majeure such as fire, flood or earthquake. 

Staff training

Of course, all these security precautions are worth nothing if the staff is not made aware of them. We run training courses to draw their attention to the various risks and explain to them how to handle confidential data securely.

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