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In order to ensure that the quality of your English translations is of high calibre and hits home with your target audience, your text will be put through a proven quality assurance process. Your text will be translated into or out of English by one of our native-tongue translators with a translation degree. The secondary correction done by a professor/lecturer guarantees the highest quality possible and is included at no extra charge.
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Übersetzer für Amerikanisches Englisch. Unsere professionellen Englisch-Übersetzer machen die besten Englisch-Übersetzungen!

Do you need a translation into “American

Professionals translate into and out of English quickly & at a great price!

Our professional translators possess specialised skills, outstanding general knowledge, creativity and life experience. Our top priority is guaranteeing professionalism in all of our services.
We closely adhere to the communication objectives that you provide and take into consideration the specific characteristics of your target groups. Specialised aspects and terminology are given particular attention. The text’s original tonality and style are retained in the target language. Correct grammar and orthography are also a key component of our high quality standards.

The secondary correction done by a professor/lecturer guarantees the highest quality possible and is included at no extra charge.

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English translations

British English
British English is the term that describes the variation of English spoken in the British Isles and is used as a standard written language under the name “British Standard English

Variations of English

Variations of English 

American English Canadian English Scots
Australian English Caribbean English Singlish (Singaporean English)
British English Liberian English South African English
California English Malaysian English Tinglish (Thai English)
Hawaiian English Mid-Atlantic English Welsh English
Hiberno-English (in Ireland) New Zealand English  
Hong Kong-English Filipino English  
Indian English Scottish English  

(Quelle: Wikipedia)

Translations into or out of English
We offer spot-on translations and texts in a wide variety of language combinations. Commonly requested combinations are English-French, French-English, German-English, English-German, English-Italian and Italian-English.
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Übersetzungen von Bewerbungsschreiben, Zeugnissen und Dokumenten

Translation and proofreading of applications
Boa Lingua is an expert in worldwide language study tours offering stays with over 200 of the world’s best language schools in 30 countries.

As an official partner of Boa Lingua, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. translates and proofreads application forms, references and correspondence for the customers. TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is also the registered translation agency of many embassies, and as a recognised notary, deals with apostilles and notary certifications.

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