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With our express service, you can receive your translation in just three hours – with a  quality guarantee.

Innovative technology makes express translations possible

We will translate your press release, presentation, correspondence or other type of document immediately and quickly. You’re probably wondering just how we are able to produce an express translation with a quality guarantee. It’s thanks to our online software that your order can be processed rapidly and precisely.

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Express translators available at all times

Your texts are translated exclusively by proven mother-tongue specialist translators with a university degree and who are familiar with your branch and business. Each text is proofread by a professional lecturer of the target language when possible. This secondary correction ensures the highest level of accuracy and is included in the price.

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No minimum fees for express translations

At TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. you benefit from a simple and transparent pricing structure – with no minimum fees. The advantages to you: no annoying back-and-forth correspondence and time-wasting price negotiations, no outlandish minimum charges and no vague delivery times.

Please note our delivery times 

We deliver translations from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 7 pm. Do you need your express translation delivered after 7 pm or at the weekend? If so, please contact us by phone at 0840 123 456 or by e-mail so that we can organise the translation to meet your deadline. A surcharge will be applied to deliveries after 7 pm or at the weekend depending on the size of the job.

Order an express translation in less than 60 seconds

You will receive your price quote within 20 seconds. You can then place your order easily and conveniently.

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Express translations –up to 3,500 characters in three hours

Translating is not simply replacing the words in a text with the matching ones found in a target-language dictionary. In reality, it is far more a question of presenting the content of a text in such a way in the target language that the translation works on a terminological, stylistic and functional level in both the target language and the target culture. In short, no one should be able to tell that they are reading a translation. Thus, translating sometimes requires a great deal of creativity and, correspondingly, a large amount of time.

In addition to this, we apply a three-step-check principle: All of our texts are translated by a language professional, then sent to a professor/university lecturer in the target language for a subsequent correction, and are finally checked once again in our office. For these reasons, we can only guarantee the quality of our express translations if your source text is no longer than 3,500 characters. If your text is longer, we will let you know immediately the fastest-possible delivery time that we can guarantee.

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