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Professionelle technische Übersetzungen

Professional technical translations - with guaranteed quality, standardised terminology and express delivery- all at the best price.

Technical translations must be accurate and consistent to ensure optimum information transfer. We deliver this accuracy and consistency through our terminology service which increases understanding and ultimately the quality of your text. This terminology service also ensures the corporate language of your business is integrated into the translation.

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Quality guarantee

To ensure that your translation is first-class, we put it through a tried and tested quality control process: your text is only ever translated by a native specialist translator with a degree and all the necessary technical know-how. Proofreading by a professor guarantees the highest quality and is included in the price. Get a quote for your translation now!

We speak your language precisely

We speak your language precisely.

In our trade article on NZZ Online, find out why specialist translators, precise terminology and uniform wording play a central role for technical texts.

Your firm’s terminology in our translation

Wording and terminology play an important role in technical translations. Consistently translated technical terms increase the clarity and quality of your text. To achieve this consistency, we create and manage your company’s terminology for free.

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Technical knowledge and translation expertise in over 30 languages

Our team of over 300 translators translates over 30 languages. With specialist knowledge of technical fields, broad general knowledge and linguistic creativity, they represent our professionalism.

Our translators are specialists in the fields of:
• Machinery and equipment
• Mechanics, medical technology, automotives, aviation
• Electronics, computers and IT, telecommunications
• Energy, the solar power industry

We translate and edit specialist articles, instruction materials, training materials, press releases, newsletters, websites, presentations, etc. With all translations, we follow your communication objectives and take into account the specific characteristics of your target groups. Our texts are also grammatically and orthographically correct as well as stylistically superior – this is how we define quality.
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