Translation of videos

Sprechen Sie die Sprache Ihrer Kunden!

Do you want to market your products in different target markets? Then speak the language of your customers! Have videos about your company or your products dubbed and translated into French, English, Italian or another language.
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Who doesn’t read has to listen

Use the multimedia communication channel so that your message across to your target markets.

We transcribe your company’s videos and sound recordings.
Transcription: the transfer of content in a video or sound recording to the written form.

Do you need the transcribed text to be available in another language? Then we translate the transcription for you. In German, French, English and 30 other languages. With Quality Guarantee!

Übersetzung von Unternehmensfilmen/Übersetzung von Produktefilmen

Do you want the translated text to be integrated into your video? With dubbing, the translated text is spoken by a professional speaker and inserted into the video. For dubbing, we work with our partner, Audio Professional AG.

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