Translations as accurate as a watch and as valuable as jewellery

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Translations for the luxury goods market - with quality guarantee and optional express delivery, all at the best price available.

To ensure that your translation is of the same high quality as a watch, your text goes through our tried and tested quality assurance process. It is only ever translated by native specialist translators with a degree and all the necessary technical know-how. Proofreading by a professor/lecturer
guarantees the highest quality and is included in the price.
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We write and translate - you sell

Have more success selling your products by using translations and texts tailored to your target audience.

Expertise and competence
Our qualified translators have specialist knowledge of the watchmaking industry as well as excellent general knowledge, creativity and life experience. Professionalism and good quality are important to us.

Style and tone
When translating your technical text we work in line with your communication objectives and take into account the specific features of your target group; the style and tone will be the same in the target language. Use of the correct grammar and spelling is also part of our high standards of quality.
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Standardised terminology for the luxury goods sector

Whether your text is about watches, jewellery other luxury goods - technical aspects and terminology enjoy the highest level of attention.
When technical terms are translated consistently, the level of understanding and clarity of your text is increased. To achieve this consistency, we can build a terminology list for you free of charge.

Not only will your text be translated into the language of the appropriate country, it will also be adapted to your target groups in the target market. This ensures that you get your message across to your target audience - aptly and accurately.
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Invest in good translations - it's worth it!
Read the success story of our long standing customer Zürich Tourism, and the article "The Russians are coming to Zürich" in the Tagesanzeiger or "More Russian tourists in Zürich" in NZZ Online. You will see that it pays to invest in good translations.
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The jewellery and watchmaking industry

Frequently translated documents for the  jewellery and watchmaking industry:
• Product catalogues, brochures and flyers
• Websites and newsletters
• Press releases and communiqués

Do you know the most important terms from the jewellery and watchmaking industry?
Test your knowledge! Read what a radio clock is in our watch glossary. Or read about the four factors that determine the price of a diamond in our jewellery glossary.

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Powerful partners rely on our texts

TRANSLATION-PROBST übersetzt, korrigiert und redigiert für BASELWORLD

Official Partner of the Messe Schweiz MCH Group: Translations about watches and jewellery
Basel World is the international fair for watches and jewellery. Every year, around 2,000 companies in the watch and jewellery industries exhibit their new products and innovations.
As a partner of the Messe Schweiz MCH Group, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. is recommended as a competent translation service by the exhibitors. The exhibitors need accurate translations for a successful presentation, and especially in the watch and jewellery industry, the right tone and style are essential.

Partner von Russland für Import/Export Übersetzungen

Translations for exports and economics
As an official partner of OPORA-RUSSIA- a non-governmental organisation for Russian SMEs, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. provides translation services for businesses in the export and economics sectors.
As a registered translation company of several embassies, TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. can arrange notary certifications and apostilles for official international transactions- ensuring smooth cooperation with foreign authorities.
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Who translates and proofreads your texts? Read our blog and get to know our specialists.
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